The Center for Heritage Conservation provides focused interdisciplinary academic programs and student organizations open to all students at Texas A&M University.

Undergraduate Minor in Architectural Heritage Conservation

The architectural heritage conservation minor can serve as a complement to several major fields of study and is open to all Texas A&M undergraduates. The minor encourages students to gain a broad understanding of the foundations of heritage conservation before advancing to specialized areas of interest.

Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

We facilitate a graduate Historic Preservation Certificate rooted in academic coursework that prepares graduates to enter preservation and conservation fields. The coursework necessary to obtain a certificate in historic preservation includes an undergraduate introduction to the field, and graduate courses in architecture and other related fields across the campus.

The graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation was approved in 1991 as the first university-wide certificate of its kind.

Preservation and Conservation Student Society

The Preservation and Conservation Student Society (PACSS) of Texas A&M University is a student organization dedicated to the advancement of the preservation field and related areas of conservation study.

Field Studies

Texas A&M University has been recognized by the National Park Service, the American Institute of Architects, and the Association for Preservation Technology International as a leader in building documentation practice and the development of recording technology. Classroom studies are regularly supported by site visits and community-based project activities.

Internships & Employment

The professional fellows and connections between the center and government agencies facilitate the placement of graduates for internships and entry into professional practice.


The CHC provides scholarships to students with interests related to the center. 

Scholarship Opportunities