Langford B

Langford B holds the largest gathering spaces in the school, where presentations, exhibits and events are often held. Additionally, the school’s Woodshop is housed in the building. 

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Preston Geren Auditorium

The Preston Geren Auditorium hosts various large-scale events for the School of Architecture, accommodating up to 300 people. Equipped with a projector and on-stage screen, the two-story auditorium allows for large classes and has hosted movie screenings, hackathons, visiting lectures and celebrations.

Outside of the auditorium is an atrium where receptions, exhibits and student work showcases are held.

The Woodshop

The Woodshop allows for students to hone their skills, cut models for classes and create small scale designs. Bringing student designs to life, the Woodshop provides woodworking tools, laser cutters and expert supervision.

Living Wall

A living wall is installed on the southeast side of building B. The wall is made of automotive industry offal, or scrap metal, and houses native Texas plants in a unique framework that protects the building structure from damage that can be caused by vertical gardening. The living wall was developed in 2019 as an interdisciplinary project between architecture and landscape architecture. The pods and frame for the wall were created at the Automated Fabrication and Design Lab.

  • Exterior entrance to Langford B
  • Students walk past the Langford B green wall
  • Flowers bloom in the living wall outside of Langford B
  • A Langford B hallway