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Minor in Art and Architectural History

The minor in art and architecture history provides undergraduate students with an interdisciplinary, global, and multicultural approach to understanding visual arts and the built environment.

With an emphasis on awareness of diverse global cultures and historical traditions, you will gain skills of context, visual understanding and critical thinking.

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ARTS 149 or ARCH 249Art History Survey I or Survey of Word Architecture History I3
ARTS 150 or ARCH 250Art History Survey II or Survey of Word Architecture History II3

Select three courses from the following list:

ANTH 353/CLAS 353Archaeology of Ancient Greece3
ANTH 354/CLAS 354Archaeology of Ancient Italy3
ARCH 345History of Building Technology3
ARCH 350History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture3
ARCH 430History of Ancient Architecture3
ARCH 434The Role of Sculpture and Painting in Ancient Architecture3
ARCH 437Great Medieval Cathedrals3
ARCH 438History and Design of Sacred Architecture3
ARCH 441Baroque and Rococo Architecture3
ARCH 443Aegean Art and Architecture3
ARCH 444American Architecture3
ARCH 489Special Topics in… (Art and Architectural History)3
ARTS 330The Arts of America3
ARTS 333Visual and Material Culture of the Mediterranean3
ARTS 335The Art and Architecture of Rome3
ARTS 339Themes in Contemporary Art3
ARTS 349The History of Modern Art3
ARTS 350The Arts and Civilization3
ARTS 445Byzantine Art and Architecture3
ARTS 489Special Topics in…(Art and Architectural History)3


This minor can serve as a complement to several major fields of study and is open to all Texas A&M undergraduates. Students wishing to declare a minor in architectural heritage conservation should consult with advisors in their home college or school and in the Department of Architecture. Applicants must have a 2.0 or better overall GPR to be considered for the program.

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