2023 Rowlett Lecture:
Synthesis + Performance + Intention | Innovation

Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Annenberg Presidential Conference Center

At the 2023 Rowlett Lecture, leaders of four world-renowned architecture firms will position their firms’ exemplary work with the challenges that design practitioners face now and in the future.

The public event, 1-5 p.m. Wed., April 19 at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, will feature designers from KieranTimberlake, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, DLR Group, and Lake | Flato.

These are internationally significant and award-winning firms. Though they vary by size, characteristics, and project types, each firm intentionally incorporates the synthesis of performance into its innovative, research-based approach to design, technology, and practice management.

The 2023 Rowlett Lecture will include individual keynote presentations and a panel discussion.

As outlined in the 1958 CRS Operations Manual – The founders of CRS engaged in the relentless pursuit of a better way of doing things. They searched for unattainable architectural perfection using techniques that were relevant and innovative at the time. In 1970, CRS implemented the “TROIKA” Plan to ensure parity between three interrelated components reflecting design, technology, and management practice. Today, over fifty years later, this framework continues to produce impactful results.


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Past Lectures

2022: Patronage and Architecture: Making Texas Modernism

The 2022 Rowlett Lecture program will focus upon the interface between a leader of industry and an architect in the creation of innovative and notable settings for working and living. Following a luncheon, two sessions will be separated by a coffee break from the third session. The first session will focus upon Mark Wellen’s completed building projects and the attitudes and behaviors that produced success. The second session, presented by Michael Malone, will focus upon examples of patrons of architecture through history and in contemporary practice. The final session will be a conversation between Tim Leach, a patron of art and architecture, and Mark Wellen, a practicing architect, about their experiences working together. It will be moderated by Michael Malone.

2021: Work, Workers, Workplace — Post-Pandemic

Two experts will discuss designing for the workplace’s “new normal” during the virtual 2021 Rowlett Lecture, 1–5 p.m. April 7, hosted by the Texas A&M CRS Center for Leadership & Management in the Design and Construction Industry. 

The experts, Larry Lander and Lauri Lampson, are executives at PDR, a Houston-based, multidisciplinary design firm. The firm is an international leader in the research, design and delivery of beautiful, effective workplace solutions. Lander and Lampson have looked carefully at the impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on the workplace.

The annual Rowlett Lecture is named in honor of John Miles Rowlett, former professor of architecture at Texas A&M, who was a founding member of the legendary architectural firm CRS.

The Rowlett Lecture was endowed in 1979 through a grant to the Texas Architectural Foundation by CRS Inc. and Mrs. Virginia Rowlett.