The Communications Office is committed to supporting the College of Architecture’s resources, programs and achievements through strategic digital messaging and brand management. Our team of writers, designers, videographers and communication coordinators work together to share the college’s most important stories to a wide audience.

Langford A, Room 102


What We Do

The Communications Office develops and manages the College of Architecture’s major communication efforts, including social media, YouTube, COA News and the college website. We collaborate with every department, center and office in the college to best represent our student body, academic programs and outreach initiatives, as well as align ourselves with the core values of Texas A&M University. 

The Communications Office may address:

  • College updates, program changes and policy implementation
  • Promotional materials, events and showcases
  • Student, faculty and staff achievement
  • Brand management and marketing strategy

Meet Our Team

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Diane L. Oswald

Director of Communications

979.458.0442 Email Diane L. Oswald
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Richard James Nira

Communications Specialist

979.845.6863 Email Richard James Nira
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John Peters

Audio Visual Specialist

979.845.7887 Email John Peters
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John Rice

Graphic Designer II

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Sarah A. Wilson

Communications Coordinator

662.242.1764 Email Sarah A. Wilson
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Hailey Yamada

Web and Information Designer

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Our Platforms

We inform and reach our audience through the following platforms:


We report the important and impactful work of the college faculty and students. We produce a magazine each fall which highlights research and creative work conducted by our professors.

How Can We Help?

Would you like our help with a project? Submit a communications request, and we’ll respond within two business days.

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Brand Toolbox

Faculty, staff and students in the College of Architecture have a responsibility to promote the university, college and units in a consistent manner. Consistency is the cornerstone of any successful communications and marketing effort, and it leverages and increases the value of the Texas A&M University brand. To support consistent branding, the college and university have developed resources to support brand compliance.

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