In addition to the university graduate admission requirements, the Master of Architecture program requires the following.

Minimum Education

A four-year pre-professional architectural degree is required for admission to the Master of Architecture program.

The preparation each student brings from their own pre-professional experience is critical to continued development toward the completion of core courses in advanced architectural knowledge leading to this professional degree. Each applicant should be able to demonstrate successful completion of the following courses or their equivalents as part of their undergraduate pre-professional degree:

  • 4 sequential architecture design studio courses 
  • 2 courses in structures 
  • 2 courses in environment technology 
  • 2 history of architecture courses 
  • 1 course in the social behavior sciences 
  • 1 course in cultural diversity 

Admitted applicants who are still earning the prerequisite degree are admitted contingent on the completion of that degree. Applicants who do not meet this contingency must reapply after graduation.

Those who are interested in the Master of Architecture that do not meet the minimum educational requirements can apply for the Master of Architecture career change program.


Résumés should include your employment history, educational record, publications, awards, and any community/volunteer experiences you may have. Include your one-to-two-page résumé with your portfolio.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose should clearly demonstrate your interest in the program. Statements of purpose are used to gage whether an applicant will be a good fit in the program based on research interests and prior experiences. We encourage you to identify faculty whose interests coincide with yours in your statement of purpose.


You should provide three letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your academic achievement and potential. If you have been out of school for a number of years and are unable to contact former professors, you may submit non-academic references (e.g., employers).

Applicants can access the electronic letter of recommendation system available via the Texas A&M GradCas System.

Academic / Professional Portfolio

Faculty evaluation of each applicant’s portfolio is a major element in the admission process. The portfolio will be reviewed by the Department of Architecture Master of Architecture program admissions committee. 

Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio must be concise in style and delivered as a high resolution PDF (16:9 spreads preferred) via the Texas A&M GradCas System.

The portfolio must demonstrate abilities and skills in the following:

  • Architectural theory and design 
  • Analytical and programmatic methods 
  • Evidence of tectonics as part of a comprehensive building design
  • Proficiency in the use of design media (hand drawing and CAD) 
  • Clear use of the English language

The portfolio must include:

  • A comprehensive goals statement
  • A one-to-two-page résumé
  • Documentation of at least six projects from the design studio sequence 
    • at least four projects must have strong building design content with evidence of tectonics as part of a comprehensive building design
    • Documentation of each project should include:
      • Photos of final project drawings and models 
      • Process descriptions with course title, program statement, design goals and objectives
      • Photos of preliminary sketches and models (encouraged but not required)
      • Identification of your individual role and work for projects completed by a team

High quality reproductions must be used for drawings; slides are unacceptable. 


Email for questions related to the Master of Architecture program.