The Landscape Architecture Professional Advisory Board (PAB) consists of former students and professionals in areas allied with landscape architecture. The board supports the landscape architecture programs by:

  • Hosting workshops and lectures at the college
  • Supporting the landscape architecture career fair
  • Assisting students in finding intern positions and professional employment
  • Recommending professional development training and continuing education
  • Reviewing the landscape architecture programs’ strategic plans

Executive Committee

  • Aan Garrett Coleman
    Coleman & Associates, Austin, Texas
  • Karl Von Bieberstein
    RVI, Dallas, Texas
  • Mark Hatchel
    Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc., Irving, Texas

LAND PAB Members

  • Brian Adams
    Callison LLC., Dallas, Texas
  • Adrienne Bottoms
    TBG Partners Inc., Houston, Texas
  • Ryan Bricker
    HNTB UD+P, Dallas, Texas
  • Earl Broussard
    TBG Partners, Inc., Austin, Texas
  • Paul Cozzolino
    RVI, Dallas, Texas
  • John Cutler
    SWA Group, Houston, Texas
  • Roberto Garcia
    Garcia Design Inc., Austin, Texas
  • Lauren Griffith
    Lauren Griffith Associates, Houston, Texas
  • Amanda Haney
    Clark Condon, Houston, Texas
  • Erin Harris
    City of College Station, College Station, Texas
  • Alan King
    The Land Design Group Inc., Bryan, Texas
  • Richard Mason
    Texas Department of Transportation, Mesquite, Texas
  • Michael Murphy
    Retired, Mason, Texas
  • Jim Patterson
    White Oak Studios, Houston, Texas
  • Eric Perez
    SWA Group, Houston, Texas
  • Austin Powers
    Kimley–Horn and Associates, Inc., Irving, Texas
  • Jenny Qualls
    Clark Condon Associates, Houston, Texas
  • Wesley Salazar
    Kudela & Weinheimer, Houston, Texas
  • Merrie Talley
    Talley Landscape Architects Inc., Orchard, Texas
  • Charlotte Tonsor
    TBG Partners, Inc., Austin, Texas
  • Danny Watson
    Rialto Studio, San Antonio, Texas