We partner with communities to complete projects that have a real impact. In doing so, we serve the people of Texas, emphasizing work with low-capacity or non-profit groups.

These projects allow our professional faculty to guide students as they address current problems in their field. Students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real world problems.

Plans for Real Communities

Our planning programs partner with Texas Target Communities (TTC) to help small, under-resourced Texas cities. Our students analyze community needs and produce comprehensive plans or other planning documents. All Master of Urban Planning students work with TTC as part of their capstone course.

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Designs for Real Landscapes

Our landscape architecture studios work on real projects through our Partnership for Community Outreach. Projects in urban design, open space design, public park design, environmental design, and other landscape designs can be a good fit for our studios.

Because our main goal is training students, we typically work on projects through the conceptual and schematic phases of design. We cannot do residential projects, final construction plans or projects that are a substitute for professional services.

Organizations, groups, or non-profits seeking landscape design assistance may contact our Partnership for Community Outreach coordinator, Dr. Kenneth Hurst.

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