Comprehensive Grants List

CHUD PersonnelGrant TitleFunding OrganizationTime PeriodAmount
Edelmiro F. Escamilla“Mobilization 2 Completion”Construction Management Academies –Career Exploration Program2018–Present$72,000/$80,000
David Matarrita-CascanteAraucanía, Chile: Enhancing Quality of Life Through Improved University CapabilitiesFulbright US Scholar Program, US Department of State’s Institute of International Education Council for International Exchange of Scholars2017 –Present$16,000/$16,000
Edelmiro F. Escamilla“Mobilization 2 Completion”Construction Management Academies –Career Exploration Program2016$178,000
David Matarrita-CascanteAcademic Productivity WorkshopFulbright Regional Travel Program, US Department of State’s Institute of International Education Council for International Exchange of Scholars2016$1,100/$1,100
David Matarrita-CascanteBarriers to Participation in Amenity Migration Communities in the Chilean PatagoniaUniversidad de la Frontera, Chile2016$3,500/$3,500
David Matarrita-CascanteCommunity Resilience in the Context of Drastic Socioeconomic Change: Advancements for Tourism ResearchChonnam University, Republic of Korea2016$2,500/$2,500
David Matarrita-CascanteInternational Amenity Migration to Costa Rica: Are Ticos and Amenity Migrants Getting Along and in Tune in Regards to the Natural Environment?Ohio State University2016$1,500/$1,500
Galen D. Newman‘Smart Shrinkage: Design for the Un-developing Landscape.’Humanities and Creative Arts Program, Texas A&M University2016$15,000
Wei LiResearch Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Supplement Grant for AwardNational Science Foundation2015–2017$7,250
Galen D. Newman‘Aggie B.L.U.E.print Center: Building Lasting University Environments.’Aggie Green Fund Competitive Grant, Texas A&M University2015–2017$61,600
Edelmiro F. Escamilla“Mobilization 2 Completion”CIAC International Service Education Grant2015–2016$15,000
Galen D. Newman‘Environmental Monitorization and Interactive Display of Schob Preserve.’Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University2015–2016$3,000
Galen D. NewmanOpen space planning and green space network development for drought-prone communities.Jonestown Comprehensive Plan2015–2016$31,384
Galen D. Newman‘Phase 1-Resilience and Climate Change Cooperative Project (RCCCP): Participatory Design and Planning for Manchester, TX.’University Action 2015: Education First Initiative Interdisciplinary Competitive Grant, Texas A&M University2015–2016$20,000
Edelmiro F. Escamilla“Mobilization 2 Completion”CMAA Outreach Grant2015$4,000
Edelmiro F. Escamilla“Mobilization 2 Completion”TEXO Student Engagement Grant2015$5,500
Wei LiExploring Behavioral Impact of Public Transportation Infrastructure: A Longitudinal Quasi-Experimental Study in the United States.National Science Foundation2015$176,355
David Matarrita-CascanteNeuhaus-Shepardson International Faculty Development GrantTexas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences2015$2,000/$2,000
David Matarrita-CascanteThe Applied Biodiversity Science Program: Recruiting Diversity to Achieve ExcellenceTexas A&M University Office of Graduate and Professional Studies2015$16,000/$1000
Galen D. NewmanRocky Knob Sustainable Tourism CenterpieceBlue Ridge parkway Development Authority2015
Galen D. NewmanLand reclamation strategies for proposed coastal upsurge infrastructure implementationThe Ike Dike Visual Landscape Plan – Phase II. Galveston, TX.2015$25,000
Galen D. Newman‘Physical | Virtual: Online and Mobile Devices as Pedagogical Tools in URPN 220 Digital Communication I.’Core Curriculum Courses Enhanced with Technology Competitive Grant, Texas A&M University2015$74,996.20
Shannon S. Van ZandtThe Adoption and Utilization of Hazard Mitigation PracticesNational Science Foundation2015$440,000
David Matarrita-CascanteThe Applied Biodiversity Science Program: Integrating Multidisciplinary Research and High Impact Learning into Undergraduate and Graduate Education.Texas A&M University Office of the Dean of Faculties2014–2015$300,000/$14,286
Galen D. Newman‘The G.R.I.D.D. Initiative: Growth Recalibration, Interdisciplinarity, Design, and Development.’University Action 2014: Education First Initiative Interdisciplinary Competitive Grant, Texas A&M University2014–2015$15,000
Walter Gillis Peacocke: Studies in Social Inequality and Social VulnerabilityNational Science Foundation2014–2015$270,000
Verna M. Keith“School Dress-Code Violation Decisions: Influence of Developmental Status, Race, and Gender.”TAMU Program to Enhance Scholarly and Creative Actives (PESCA)2013–2015$24,983
Wei LiTransportation, Air Quality, and Health Impacts – Pilot Study Using Wearable Monitoring DevicesTTI Strategic Research Program2013–2015$40,000
Galen D. NewmanDesign property grounds for the LoneStar Groundwater Conservation District facilitiesLoneStar Groundwater Conservation District-Low Impact Development. Conroe, TX2013–2015$4,500
Wei LiEvaluation of Emissions Control Strategies for the El Paso Region.Rider 8 Grant with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality2012–2015$150,000
Walter Gillis PeacockA Workshop on a New Cross-Directorate program on Disaster Resilience, Vulnerability, and Risk Reduction.National Science Foundation2011–2016$85,000
Ann Bowman“Advancing the Measurement of Urban Resilience: A Resilient City Policy Index”Texas A&M University, co-principal investigator with Sierra Woodruff and Kent Portney$30,000
Galen D. Newman‘Coastal Flood Risk Reduction Program: Integrated, multi-scale approaches for understanding how to reduce vulnerability to damaging events.’National Science Foundation PIRE Program$3,998,945
Galen D. Newman‘Local Resiliency Planning Scorecard.’UNC Center of Coastal Hazards, Dept. of Homeland Security$300,000
Galen D. Newman‘A New Holistic Medium of Multi-Scale Diagramming: Supporting Colocated Collaboration and Ideation.’National Science Foundation$12,000,000
Michael O’Brien“The Building Technology Research Consortium”The Office of Policy and Research, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development$50,000,000
Michael O’Brien”Residential Construction Information Mechanisms and Procedures”Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C$172,500.00
Walter Gillis PeacockMiami-Dade Hurricane Mitigation StudyWharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania$15,000