The Center for Heritage Conservation at Texas A&M proposed the following work to be completed on historic Cabin #6, and completed the work in January of 2010.

Scope of Work: Perform laser scans of the exterior of Cabin #6 to produce a point cloud sufficient to produce a transverse and a longitudinal section. The scans will be coupled with survey data from a total station to enable interior information to be provided for the sections. The CHC estimates 6 to 8 scan positions will be required. The scans will be registered together in post processing for producing the sections. The section drawings are intended to provide accurate geometric information, but will not comply with aesthetic standards of the Historic American Building Survey for Level 1 documentation.

The products were: One longitudinal section running through the living room and kitchen looking toward the fireplace. One transverse section running through the living room and the back porch looking toward the fireplace.