Develop a body of knowledge in facility asset management that will further your career goals. Facility asset management is an integral part of the built environment. Students in the certificate program will learn how to strategically and systematically manage and ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology into sustainable design decision-making.

Courses offered in this certificate will introduce:

  • AEC industry best practices concepts and components of project management and their interrelationships in design and construction practice
  • Project life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA)
  • Strategic project planning, design, and implementation approaches
  • Environmental performance measurements and life cycle inventory (LCI)
  • Life cycle costing (LCC) and direct monetary project costs
  • Building design resilience and sustainability approaches
  • Facility maintenance and management

The Facility Asset Management graduate certificate is housed in the CRS Center within the Department of Architecture. The certificate is open to all graduate students at Texas A&M University.



COSC 670Facilities Asset Management3

Select one of the following courses for your capstone course. Capstone must be taken from a member of the Facility Asset Management Committee and must demonstrate ability to integrate multiple areas in the field through a written document.

ARCH 685Directed Studies3
ARCH 691Research3
ARCH 693Professional Study3
COSC 685Directed Studies3
COSC 691Research3
COSC 693Professional Study3
LDEV 685Directed Studies3
LDEV 691Research3
LDEV 693Professional Study3

Select three of the following courses as electives. At least three (3) credit hours of course work with facility asset management content MUST be from outside the student’s major field.

Planning and DevelopmentLDEV 651Property Development Agreements and Regulation3
Planning and DevelopmentLDEV 667Design and Development Economy3
Planning and DevelopmentLDEV 669Income Property Land Development3
DesignARCH 657Advanced Professional Practice and Ethics3
DesignARCH 660Design Programming3
DesignARCH 663Interior Architecture3
DesignARCH 676Survey of Human Behavior and Design3
ConstructionCOSC 621Advanced Project Management3
ConstructionCOSC 622Construction Economics3
ConstructionCOSC 650Advanced Construction Visualization3
ConstructionCOSC 663Sustainable Construction3
OperationsARCH 619Applied Solar Energy3
OperationsARCH 620Building Performance Measurement3
OperationsARCH 634Architectural Lighting3
InternshipsARCH 684Professional Internship3
InternshipsCOSC 684Professional Internship3
InternshipsLDEV 684Professional Internship3

Internships must be approved by the Facility Asset Management Committee, must be in the field of facility asset management, and must be documented to show content in the field.

Students must complete a capstone Professional Study or Thesis with a Facility Asset Management focus that is approved by the Facility Management Certificate Council.

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