The department consists of over 40 full- and part-time faculty members. Our faculty boasts a diversity of experience firmly rooted in the construction industry.

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Department staff provide essential support and services to faculty, current students, former students, and industry.

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Our administrators perform a vital role of managing resources and providing leadership for the department. Most of our administrators also teach one or more classes.

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Phil Lewis

Interim Department Head

979.458.4457 Email Phil Lewis
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Shelley Smith

Undergraduate Program Director

979.845.1017 Email Shelley Smith
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Tony Marraro

Director of Continuing Education/Senior Lecturer

979.845.4451 Email Tony Marraro
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Debra Ellis

Senior Lecturer

Email Debra Ellis
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Hernan Guerra Santos

Industry Relations Coordinator; Senior Lecturer

979.458.0156 Email Hernan Guerra Santos
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H. David Jeong

Associate Department Head, Professor

979.458.9380 Email H. David Jeong