We are committed to furthering the field of health and design through academic study and research-based application. Through national and international collaboration with other universities, we have broadened the curriculum to include public health and preventative medicine, healthcare economics, and medical sociology.

Graduate Certificate Program

A key function of the Center is supporting graduate student education and research opportunities that lead to the Certificate in Health Systems & Design. The certificate emphasizes a cross-disciplinary perspective and an in-depth understanding of the health systems and design field.

CHSD Scholarships

The center strives to deliver an education that is accessible to all students. In addition to school-wide scholarship offerings, the CHSD awards scholarships eligible to students entering fields in healthcare design.

CHSD Scholarships

Virtual Educational Library

The center is embarking on an innovative project and redefining what it means to be a 21st century learner. With the aid of other deans and field professionals, CHSD is compiling a variety of teaching materials that can be used to make custom virtual education packages. Teaching materials will include online courses and webinars. In an effort to make information accessible to all, the Center will also develop and create information for the library upon request.