Specialty Labs

Evidence-Based Design Laboratory 

The evidence-based design laboratory applies evidence-based research to develop medical treatment processes and facilities. It’s research is used to analyze the effects of stress on patients’ health and well-being, the design of indoor and outdoor healing environments, and the impact of infection control design.

Dr. Kirk Hamilton

Microclimatic Design Laboratory

The microclimatic-design research group introduces you to important characteristics of the microclimate. While utilizing the lab’s many resources, you’ll learn how landscape design affects the microclimate.

Dr. Robert Brown

Research Partnership

The Center for Health Systems and Design offers a three-tier research partnership opportunity for members of the Health Industry Advisory Council (HIAC): 

Level 1

The level is free for HIAC firms and allows you to call the center with any questions. You’ll be referred to a health research database and your question will be quickly addressed.

Level 2

This level provides HIAC firms access to a consultant from the School of Architecture’s faculty. They coordinate with firms to help designate a research hypothesis and develop it into a design project. 

Level 3 – Post-occupancy research

This allows HIAC firms to retain a faculty member to conduct research on the completed building. This is a paid consultancy.