Applying to the School of Architecture

Application Information

Is there a separate application for each major in the School of Architecture?

No, there is not a separate application for any of the majors. You need only apply through Apply Texas or the Coalition, and declare one of our majors. You will be given the option to select first and second choices. Please meet with our recruiter if you do not know what is the best second choice for your major.

Do you accept second-choice majors?

Yes, we do!

How many students do you accept each year?

Most of our programs, except for Construction Science, are enrollment managed. This means our majors’ entering class size varies and depends on how many students we currently have taking that major and how many are degree seeking.

Do you require a portfolio to apply?

No, we do not. As long as you meet the Office of Admissions standards, you may apply.

Do you only admit in the fall?

We consider applicants year-round, i.e. fall, spring, and summer. You will want to meet with an academic advisor for the program(s) you are interested in to discuss when it would be best to apply and if you are meeting the requirements.

What classes should I take in high school to better my chances of acceptance?

See the Office of Admissions website for recommended coursework for getting into Texas A&M.

We also encourage our students to take courses in art, calculus, and physics to better prepare for our programs. Computer programming is highly encouraged for students who are interested in Visualization.

How can I visit?

You may sign up for a virtual one-on-one appointments on our Visit Us page. If you would like to schedule a tour of campus or our facilities, please go to the Visitor Center website.

Do you offer any summer camps?

We offer Camp Arch in the summer for high school students. Camp Arch is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Financial Aid

Does the School of Architecture offer scholarships?

Applicants should follow the instructions regarding scholarship consideration on the ApplyTexas or The Coalition forms as well as complete the required essay(s). To apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid, applicants will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may also find more information about these application processes through the Scholarships and Financial Aid websites.

Continuing students can apply for Continuing Student Scholarships through the University Scholarship Application on the Scholarships website. Some other scholarships may be available from our departments, centers, and other organizations. See the School of Architecture Scholarship page for more information.

Once You’re at Texas A&M

Can you recommend a dorm?

We do not require a specific dorm for our students, but we typically encourage our students to look at dorms on the south side of campus as they are closer to our buildings. You can also schedule a Resident Hall Tour with ResLife through the Visitor’s Center.

Do you offer any study abroad opportunities? Internships? Undergraduate research?

Yes, all of our majors require a semester away that can be either a study abroad trip or an approved internship. University Studies requires a 5-week study abroad program.

When can I complete my semester away?

Students typically take their required semester away during their 3rd year, either in spring or fall. University Studies students take their program during the summer.

Are there requirements I have to meet to stay in my program?

To stay in the School of Architecture programs, you’ll need to stay enrolled full time (12 hours) and maintain a 2.0 GPA. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you’ll be dropped from your major. You will have to apply for a change of major to get back into one of our programs.

Can you tell me a little about student involvement? Student organizations? Volunteering?

Our students have the unique opportunity to be involved in multiple “high impact learning experiences”. These experiences include study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, and service-learning. Students can learn more about their respective fields of study, network, serve the community and have fun through local, national and international student organizations and honor societies with chapters at the Texas A&M School of Architecture. Organizations’ aims range from serving students pursuing specific degrees plans to more interdisciplinary interaction.

What careers can I get into after I graduate?

Students graduating from the School of Architecture have many career opportunities. Our students have gone to become architects, landscape architects, project managers, site superintendents, graphic designers, game designers, animators, and so on. Career counseling is available through many different avenues. Faculty, staff, and advisors are available to counsel students regarding potential career paths. There is also a Career Center on campus that offers a variety of career assessment tools available for free to students and former students. You can find out more information about the Career Center.

You may also see where former students have been hired at the “Who Hires My Major?” website.