The Department of Construction Science conducts transformative research with high societal impact. We are committed to expanding our impact by providing world-class facilities and support to our faculty and students.

Research Spotlights

Convergent Multidisciplinary Research

Our diverse research portfolio tackles real-world problems through convergent research and scholarly activities. Our work is at the intersection of the built environment, human-centered technologies and stakeholder needs.

Human-Centered Solutions

We’re discovering how new technologies can improve the built environment and how humans interface with it. Our faculty investigate innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, 3D printing, and more to improve the construction projects of today and tomorrow. From making better decisions to creating safer and more productive workspaces, technological advances are shaping our industry.

Transforming the Construction Workforce

We’re innovating ways to teach and train the future workforce. Using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and building information modeling (BIM), we’re creating experiential learning environments for workforce training and reskilling. We’re even developing ways to enable people to work in outer space and on the ocean floor, the next frontiers of construction.

Where the Built and Natural Environments Meet

Other research focuses on reducing environmental impact and building resilience against extreme events. Some faculty measure the impacts of climate disasters on our cities and communities, while others redesign construction practices to reduce the effect of delays and supply chain interruptions. Some solutions include inventing new, sustainable building materials that can be fabricated on site.

Funded Research

In 2020 alone, our faculty secured an enviable $3.8 million in research funding from various federal and state agencies.

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