The Center for Housing and Urban Development provides research, education and outreach opportunities related to creating sustainable housing and communities. CHUD is divided into four units, or programs, that delve into a specific topic within CHUD’s larger mission.

Units and Programs

Our Mission

CHUD’s mission is to provide leadership as a center of inquiry for the creation of sustainable housing and communities. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defines sustainable communities are those that:

  • Feature vibrant economies
  • Offer a choice of housing and transportation modes
  • Are closer to jobs, schools, shopping and recreation
  • Are less energy dependent
  • Help protect clean water and air

Outreach & Service Education

Our Research

CHUD supports its mission through research and engagement in the following focal areas:

  • Sustainable landscape and urban planning, design and development practices
  • Innovative green building techniques and technologies

CHUD has received over 45 million dollars in funding for our research pursuits. In the last five years, we’ve published 131 peer-reviewed articles.

Our People

CHUD’s community of scholars — both faculty and doctoral fellows — work toward achieving our mission through research and engagement.

Meet our people

Our History

The Center for Housing & Urban Development (CHUD) has a long history of serving border residents in the Texas colonias. In early 2012, the Colonias Program became its own unit, permitting CHUD to reinvent itself as a research center for faculty and students conducting research related to housing, sustainable development and urban issues.