The People Behind Architecture


There are over fifty members of the Department of Architecture faculty. Faculty members hold degrees in architecture, design, law, engineering, psychology, sociology, fine art, computer science, physics, and many other fields.


Department staff provide essential support and services to faculty, current students, former students, and the public.


Our administrators perform a vital role of managing resources, serving the public, and providing leadership for the department. Each of our programs has a program coordinator who is in charge of that program.

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Gregory Anthony Luhan

Department Head of Architecture

979.845.7061 Email Gregory Anthony Luhan
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Stephen Mark Caffey

Associate Department Head for M.S. and Ph.D. Programs

979.845.5134 Email Stephen Mark Caffey
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James Thomas Haliburton

Associate Department Head for Master of Architecture

979.575.4079 Email James Thomas Haliburton
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Melinda D. Randle

Senior Administrative Coordinator I

979.847.8918 Email Melinda D. Randle
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Ginger White

Senior Administrative Coordinator I

979.458.3042 Email Ginger White