The Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center hosts Camp DASH, a week-long summer camp for high school students interested in degrees and careers focused on advancing climate-smart solutions and strategies. Students will be immersed in several climate-focused areas in a fun learning environment. 

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Camp Focus Areas

Students will be exposed to three focus areas throughout the week but can specify which area they want to work on for their group’s final project. These areas are all important to protecting our planet and its people.

Disaster Studies

In a disaster studies area, you’ll master skills to handle emergencies, understand risks, and contribute to community resilience. It’s about empowerment, preparing you to navigate challenges, safeguard communities, and make a positive impact. 

Public Health

Public health is about keeping communities healthy and safe. You will learn how to conduct disease investigations, communicate health information, promote well-being, and create healthier environments for all amongst the compounding impacts of climate change. 

Climate Planning

Climate planning involves creating strategies to address climate change impacts. Learn how to design resilient communities, reduce emissions, and protect the environment, promoting a better quality of life for all.

Camp Details

Camp DASH is for incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students. 

2024 Camp Dates: July 8 – July 12, 2024

Camp DASH will include three meals daily and snacks, student housing on campus, social activities, souvenir items, and class activities and materials.


If you have any questions about Camp DASH, please contact Seth Jordan at