Message from the Host

In response to recent cancellations of major events across the globe due to the COVID -19 pandemic, the HRRC team, in conjunction with BAF, had to postpone the traditional in-person BAF workshop and find virtual means to continue participation.  On Thursday March 26th and 27th, 2020 the HRRC team and BAF committee decided to move forward with the scheduled BAF Meet and Greet with Monica Sanders, BAF Director, and the BAF fellow’s presentations (PowerPoint, posters, and/or written papers) virtually through the ZOOM video conferencing service.

The salvaged parts of the workshop, Meet and Greet and BAF fellow’s presentations, survived the virtual approach swimmingly.  The presentation from Monica Sanders was well attended with a virtual audience and included a responsive question and answer portion. Friday March 27th proved itself to be the highlight of the virtual event.  BAF fellows were able to connect with their faculty judges for five 30-minute morning sessions, via Zoom, to present their research, and garner “face-to-face” feedback from faculty members.  Subsequently, the afternoon portion of the virtual workshop consisted of two webinar sessions, Small Grant writing and Academic Branding.  Four faculty members participated in each webinar as expert panelist and, as before, these events were well attended by an engaged virtual audience. Attendees were able to successfully communicate with the panelists through moderator selected questions posed from the virtual audience. Given the current state of our world, we all had to adjust quickly to the necessary cancellation of events worldwide and adapt to a broad, and effective, form of information dissemination and audience interaction. I believe it was a job well done! 

With best wishes and appreciation to all,

Dr. Deidra D. Davis 

Director of Equity & Inclusion 

Click here to view the presentation of the organization from the director, Monica Sanders. 

Click here to view the list of academic and professional experts who kindly participated in the workshop & the overall program agenda. 

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