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The CRS Center is led by a small leadership team and guided by an advisory board.

The CRS Center also connects faculty across Texas A&M University through our faculty fellow program. Students who conduct research through the center can apply to be student fellows.

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If you are interested in becoming a fellow or affiliate with the center, please contact us at 979.847.9357 or crscenter@arch.tamu.edu.


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Mark J. Clayton

William M. Pena Professor of Information Management, Department of Architecture

979.845.2300 Email Mark J. Clayton

Faculty Fellows

Mark J. Clayton, Ph.D.mark-clayton@tamu.eduDepartment of Architecture
Manish Dixit, Ph.D.mdixit@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Construction Science
James Haliburton, Ph.D.jhaliburton@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Architecture
Julian Kang, Ph.D.jkang@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Construction Science
Sarel Lavy, Ph.D.slavy@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Construction Science
Gregory Luhan, Ph.D.gregory.luhan@tamu.eduDepartment of Architecture
Valerian Miranda, Ph.D.vmiranda@arch.tmau.eduDepartment of Architecture
Zofia Rybkowski, Ph.D.zrybkowski@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Construction Science
Andrew Tripp, Ph.D.atripp@arch.tamu.eduDepartment of Architecture
Wei Yan, Ph.D.wyan@exchange.tamu.eduDepartment of Architecture

Student Fellows

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