Sustainable Urbanism Certificate

The Sustainable Urbanism Certificate focuses on the processes that shape the built environment and its function. You’ll learn how to address the integration of land use with urban design, energy, materials, biodiversity, natural hazards, and accessibility. 

Students with this certificate enter field in:

  • Design
  • Urban planning
  • Energy preservation

The Sustainable Urbanism Certificate is supported by the Center for Housing and Urban Development. The certificate is open to all graduate students at Texas A&M University.



Select one of the following courses:

ARCH 646Historic Preservation Theory and Practice3
LAND 630Development of Landscape Architecture3
LAND 635/PLAN 635Concepts in Ecological Planning and Design3
PLAN 610Structure and Function of Urban Settlements3
PLAN 664Planning Theory and History3

Select one of the following courses:

AGEC 603Land Economics3
LAND 612Landscape Architectural Site Engineering and Development3
LAND 614Landscape Architectural Construction3
LDEV 661Development and the Environment3
LDEV 671Sustainable Development3
PLAN 618Planning Methods and Techniques3
RENR 659Ecological Economics3

Select one of the following courses:

ARCH 675Health Design and Research3
COSC 663Sustainable Construction3
CVEN 664Water Resources Engineering Planning and Management3
CVEN 672Engineering and Urban Transportation Systems3
ESSM 600Principles of Ecosystem Science and Management3
PLAN 612Transportation in City Planning3
PLAN 629Neighborhood Revitalization3
PLAN 641Problems of Environmental Planning Administration3
PLAN 642Planning for Coastal Sustainability and Resiliency3
PLAN 673Design for Sustainable Transportation3
RPTS 604Principles of Community and Community Development3
RPTS 605Community Organization3
RPTS 666Parks, Tourism and the Natural Environment3

Select two of the following courses:

ARCH 606Architectural Design II3
ARCH 607Architectural Design III3
LAND 620Open Space and Land Use Planning I3
LAND 621Open Space and Land Use Planning II3
LDEV 687Development Feasibility and Design3
LDEV 688Development Feasibility and Design II3
PLAN 662Applied Planning I3

The Health Systems and Design Certificate includes at least 15 hours of coursework.

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