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Minor in Urban Planning

As our urban environment continues to grow, the minor in urban planning will prepare you to manage increasingly complex areas. Our program combines multi-disciplinary study with critical thinking skills to solve challenges in communities, cities, and the natural environment. 

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Why minor in urban planning? 

The minor in urban planning provides a supplemental and foundational education for students wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree in urban planning, economics, geography, political science, or public policy.

It also prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of fields, including:


URPN 201The Evolving City3
URPN 202 Building Better Cities (USAR students take a 900s section)3

Choose 9 hours from the following list

URPN 240Monuments, Preservation and Social Justice3
URPN 302Legal Foundations in Planning (URPN 489)3
URPN 340Housing and Community3
URPN 360Issues in Environmental Quality3
URPN 361Urban Issues
URPN 369Transportation & Urban Form3
URPN 370Health Systems Planning (must be U3 or U4 — no exceptions)3
URPN 440Economic Development3
URPN 450Emergency Management Principles3
URPN 460Sustainable Communities (must by U3 or U4)3
URPN 471Planning Healthier Communities3
URPN XXXPlanning for Climate Change3
URPN XXXDesign for Sustainable Transportation3


Students wishing to declare a minor in urban planning should consult with advisors in their home college or school and in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. Applicants must have a 2.0 or better overall GPR to be considered for the program.

Request a Minor in Urban Planning (PDF)

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Janet Richards

Academic Advisor IV – Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

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Galen Newman

Professor and Department Head

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