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Fabrizio Aimar

Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of the Center for Heritage Conservation, Woodcock Endowed Professor in Historic Preservation

(979)847-9479 (Office) Email Fabrizio Aimar
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Benjamin Baaske

Instructional Assistant Professor

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Andrew J. Billingsley

Assistant Lecturer

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Stephen Mark Caffey

Associate Department Head

979.845.5134 Email Stephen Mark Caffey
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Gabriela Campagnol

Instructional Associate Professor

979.845.7050 Email Gabriela Campagnol
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Anat Geva

Professor Emerita

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Kevin Glowacki

Associate Professor

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Nancy Klein

Associate Professor

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Jennifer Robertson

Administrative Associate IV

979.845.0384 Email Jennifer Robertson
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Zachary Stewart

Associate Professor; James M. Singleton IV ’66, FAIA, Endowed Professor

979.862.3098 Email Zachary Stewart

Foundational Leadership

David Woodcock

Director Emeritus David Woodcock served as a Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Architecture at Texas A&M University from 1962-66. He returned to the school in 1970 and remained there until his retirement in 2011. During that time, he served a total of 11 years as head of the department, earned numerous awards and established the Center for Heritage Conservation. He received his professional degree in Architecture and post-graduate diploma in Town and Country Planning from the University of Manchester, England.

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If you are interested in becoming a fellow or affiliate with the center, please contact us at 979.845.0384 or chc@arch.tamu.edu

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