The Texas A&M College of Architecture is a hub of critical research in fields that impact the built, natural and virtual environments.

College scholars seek answers to important questions in studies that are funded from many sources, from the National Science Foundation to the researcher’s respective department.

A Wide Range of Research

In recent years, college researchers have studied:

  • How to reduce climate change by lowering the amount of energy in buildings’ daily use and construction
  • How volunteer groups use social media to rescue people during natural disasters
  • How virtual reality training can aid construction site worker safety
  • The effects of daylight on healthcare facility workers and the care they provide

Researchers also engage in projects with colleagues in different fields at Texas A&M or institutions around the world. Such multidisciplinary collaborations provide innovative approaches and solutions to pressing contemporary issues.

The College’s Research Centers

The college’s commitment to research is reflected in its five research centers, each with a multidisciplinary roster of research fellows:

“Natural, Built, Virtual” research symposium

One of the college’s signature events, the “Natural, Built, Virtual,” research symposium, has showcased its scholars’ research for 22 consecutive years.

At the daylong, fast-paced event, faculty and Ph.D. students present a wide array of research that displays the remarkable variety of research topics studied by college scholars. Classes at the college are canceled so students can learn their professors’ study interests and underscore the importance of research.

The symposium also provides an opportunity for faculty to hear intriguing ideas outside their specialty and consider new, innovative research collaborations.

2021 Symposium