Our unique visiting scholars program brings in people from around the world. Visiting scholars have access to all of the resources Texas A&M University has to offer — on top of the extensive research resources of our center. 

Visiting scholars have included distinguished professors, world-renowned researchers and preeminent practitioners.

Academic Visiting Scholars

Scholars from other universities can study at Center for Health Systems & Design as an  academic visiting scholar. We accept visiting faculty members, Ph.D. students, and post-doc students as academic visiting scholars.

As an academic visiting scholar, you can shadow researchers and center leadership and learn from our exceptional program.

Professional Visiting Scholars

Health Industry Advisory Council (HIAC) firms may choose to send one employee per year to visit the center as a professional visiting scholar.

As architecture firms transition to a research-based design model, we provide an unprecedented opportunity through our professional visiting scholars program. The Center for Health Systems & Design is the only place architecture firms can gain access to university-level research materials.

As a professional visiting scholar, you will have access to all of the research materials of the university and its centers and institutions. You can also shadow a particular faculty fellow for up to six months.

Research Visiting Scholars

Individuals with a passion for health design research can work with us as a research visiting scholar. As a research visiting scholar, you will have a place to conduct research and access to numerous resources. You can increase your knowledge as a practitioner or academic, or pursue a personal research passion.

Program Fees

Contact CHSD staff at clockledge@tamu.edu to assist in preparation of paperwork and requesting a workspace at CHSD.

1–6 months$3,000$1,500 for domestic firms, no charge for international firms$3,000
7–12 months$5,000$1,500 for domestic and international firms$5,000
Over 12 months$5,000 + $3,000 per additional yearN/A$5,000 + $3,000 per additional year