Office of the Dean

The School of Architecture’s Dean’s Office is the executive center of the school. We lead and support the academic, administrative and financial efforts of departments and units to achieve excellence in teaching, research and service.

Coke Building, Suites 301 and 304



Mailing Address
School of Architecture
3137 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-3137

What We Do

The Dean’s Office enables the school to carry out its mission to:

  • Educate the best-prepared graduates
  • Support innovative research and creative works
  • Make a difference in communities through outreach and service

The Dean’s Office handles the programmatic, human resource and fiscal management of the school. Our team of academic and administrative professionals ensure that our programs and units operate effectively and efficiently.

The office serves as a liaison between the faculty, staff and students of the School of Architecture and entities across the Texas A&M University System, the state and nation. Our office develops and maintains relationships with a variety of community, industry and academic partners and peers. We also ensure that the school meets applicable requirements from accrediting bodies, the university and the Texas A&M University System.

The Office of the Dean oversees:

  • Academic excellence
  • Innovative research and outreach efforts
  • Impactful study abroad and study away experiences
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • School budget and finances
  • Human resources

Meet our Team


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Chanam Lee

Professor and Executive Associate Dean

979.845.7056 Email Chanam Lee
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Leslie Feigenbaum

Associate Dean for International Programs and Facilities; Senior Lecturer

979.845.7886 Email Leslie Feigenbaum
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Deidra Davis

Instructional Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean of Community Wellness and Engagement

979.458.1310 Email Deidra Davis
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Shelley D. Holliday

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

979.845.7885 Email Shelley D. Holliday
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Katie Reed

Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies

979.845.6579 Email Katie Reed
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Chris Novosad

Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration

979.845.1258 Email Chris Novosad


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Shelly Martin

Executive Assistant to the Dean

979.845.1223 Email Shelly Martin
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Megan Thatcher

Administrative Coordinator

979-845-8035 Email Megan Thatcher
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Ginger White

Senior Administrative Coordinator II

979.458.3042 Email Ginger White
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Kelsy Hustead

Director, Marketing & Communications

Email Kelsy Hustead