Campus Life

Aggies have many opportunities to experience campus beyond the classroom. Whether studying at the library or grabbing a bite to eat between classes, you’ll find Aggieland provides the perfect backdrop for an enriching college experience.


On-campus housing includes the north and southside dormitories or White Creek Apartments. Once admitted to the university, you can use the housing portal to make your on-campus housing and roommate selection. Students entering the School of Architecture may consider living at the southside dormitories to be close to our academic buildings.

With the exception of the Corps of Cadets, students are not required to live on campus. AggieSearch provides you with off-campus property listings and roommate search options.

Learn more about residential services in the housing catalog.


The university offers a variety of restaurants, cafes, and dining halls. Nutritious, savory, and on-the-go meals are accessible from almost every point on campus. Langford Architecture Center even houses its own eatery, the delicious Azimuth Cafe.

Meal swipe and dining dollar subscriptions are available to all students. Learn more about on-campus dining options.

University Advancement Services

Simultaneously managing your time, studies, and health can be challenging at times. Luckily, your student fees cover many services designed to minimize your stress. Because your health and comfort is our first priority, student services include:

Learn more about student services

Student Activities

Texas A&M University offers over 1,100 opportunities for student involvement. Greek life, intramurals, social organizations, and pre-professional societies form only a small percentage of our many student organizations and clubs. With a broad selection of student activities to choose from, getting involved on campus has never been easier.

Learn more about campus organizations on the student activities website. Don’t see a club you’d like to join? You can make one!

Aggie Spirit

Once a member of the Aggie family, you’re a part of a college community unlike any other. Enhance your student experience by participating in Texas A&M University’s cultural hallmarks, including our traditions, sporting events and the esteemed Aggie network.