The Center for Housing & Urban Development is led by a small leadership team. CHUD also connects faculty across Texas A&M University through our faculty fellow program. Students who conduct research through the center can apply to be doctoral fellows.

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Shannon Van Zandt
Interim Director, Program Lead for the Fair and Affordable Housing Program
Research Interests: Coastal resilience; social vulnerability to disasters; low-income housing; environmental equity

Wei Li
Executive Associate Director, Program Lead for the Smart Cities Program
Research Interests: Planning for smart and connected communities; societal impacts of autonomous vehicles; sustainable and active transportation; environmental economics

Jaimie Masterson
Associate Director of Outreach
Research Interests: Community engagement; plan evaluation; government & public policy; research communication; environmental justice

Xinyue Ye
Senior Fellow, Program Lead for the Urban Informatics Unit
Research Interests: Geospatial artificial intelligence; big data; smart cities; urban computing

Galen Newman
Senior Fellow, Program Lead for the GRIDD Unit
Research Interests: Urban regeneration; land use science; spatial analytics; urban flood resilience

CHUD Fellows

Center for Housing and Urban Development Senior Fellows

  • Randy Birdwell
  • Galen Newman
  • Walter Gillis Peacock
  • Xinyue Ye
  • Shannon Van Zandt

School of Architecture Fellows

  • Gabriela Campagnol
  • John Thomas Cooper Jr.
  • Mark J. Clayton
  • Charles H. Culp
  • Diedra Davis
  • Edelmiro F. Escamilla, Jr.
  • Jose L. Fernandez-Solis
  • Ivis Garcia
  • Cecilia Giusti
  • Sungmin Lee

  • Wei Li
  • June Martin
  • Jaimie Masterson
  • Michael O’Brien
  • Gitta M. Pap
  • George O. Rogers
  • James Michael Tate
  • Jorge Vanegas
  • Christine Wen
  • Xuemei Zhu

Interdisciplinary Fellows

  • Ann O’M. Bowman
  • Mark Fossett
  • David Matarrita-Cascante
  • Marlynn May

Doctoral Fellows

  • Wayne Day
  • Jiaxin Du
  • Chunwu Zhu