Wright Gallery

The Wright Gallery displays visual art exhibits which honor diversity in all forms. The gallery serves as a center for campus and community visual arts engagement, education and enjoyment.

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Langford A, second floor 

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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On View

Transient Nature

A Transient Nature

Dameon Lester, Shawn Camp and Shannon Faseler

November 7 2022 – January 13 2023

Closed for holidays: November 23 – 25 & December 22 – January 4.

Artist Talk: Tuesday, November 15 , 2–3 p.m.
Reception: Tuesday, November 15, 3–4:30 p.m.
Wright Gallery. Open to the Public

  • An angled view of the entrance to the gallery that showcases the title of the show “Transient Nature”, and many mounted sculptures of colored geometric shapes on two walls, as well as four standing sculptures and two framed works in the background.
  • An angled view of the back portion of the gallery with one standing sculpture with a pink surface in the foreground and a canvas of a geometric painting of a sky and mounted sculptures in the background.
  • A view of the gallery with one standing sculpture with a black surface in the foreground and three framed works hanging on the wall behind and two more standing sculptures in the background.
  • A view of the gallery from an angle with a large geometric piece by Dameon Lester in the foreground and two sculptures as well as a hung canvas in the background.
  • A view of two standing, geometric sculptures. The one on the left has a light blue surface, and right next to it there is a similar one with a black surface. In the background is a framed geometric pattern hung on the wall, and a view of some of the mounted sculptures behind.
  • A view of the middle of the gallery where the main focal point is a canvas painting of a geometric shape on a black background with a standing sculpture with a pink surface off to the left side.
  • A view of the gallery through the windows outside the gallery with a geometric painting in the foreground and multiple sculptures and canvases in the background.


Tignon by Chesley Antoinette


Chesley Antoinette

January 23 – March 9 2023

Reception: Wednesday, February 8, 3–4:30 p.m.
Wright Gallery. Free and open to the Public

The gallery provides rotating exhibits and hosts lectures and special events. The Wright Gallery displays many different artworks and artists with emphasis on featuring:

  • Work created by women and other underrepresented groups
  • Works that promote dialogue on topics of social and cultural importance
  • Artists who challenge conventional art practice 
  • Emerging and established artists, architects and designers of local, regional, national, and international acclaim

The gallery was named to honor donor James Wright, who earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Texas A&M in 1954. 

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