The Planning Accreditation Board requires this information be posted for the Texas A&M University Master of Urban Planning program.

Student Achievement

The Master of Urban Planning (MUP) program educates and trains professional urban planners and researchers to become leaders in developing and applying participatory, evidence-based urban and regional policy and planning solutions that move communities toward a sustainable and resilient future. The MUP program uses an evidence-based approach to planning education based on six major learning outcomes: leadership, inquiry skills, planning knowledge, planning processes, plan assessment, and communication. Upon graduation, our students are able to utilize their knowledge and skills to be effective researchers and practitioners in planning and planning-related fields.

Quick Facts

2021–2022 Tuition and Fees

Student TypeTuition and Fees per Full-time Academic Year
In-state residents$11,379.36
Out-of-state residents$24,087.60
2021–2022 Tuition and Fees for the Master of Urban Planning program.

Retention, Graduation and Certification

Student Retention RatePercentage of students who began studies in fall 2020 and continued into fall 202196%
Student Graduation RatePercentage of students graduating within four years, entering class of 2017100%
Number of Degrees AwardedNumber of degrees awarded for 2020–2021 academic year17
AICP CertificationPercentage of master’s graduates taking the AICP exam within five years who pass, graduating class of 201666%
Master of Urban Planning retention, graduation, and certification statistics.


Employment StatusPercentage
Percentage of full-time graduates obtaining professional planning, planning-related, or other positions within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 202071%
Percentage of full-time graduate pursuing further education within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 202012%
Percentage of full-time graduates with unknown employment status within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 202017%
Employment status for full-time Master of Urban Planning graduates 12 months after graduation, class of 2020.