Architecture + Industry Advisory Council (A+IAC)

The Department of Architecture + Industry Advisory Council provides guidance and advice to help collaboratively shape the future of the Department of Architecture. The council is comprised of industry partners, faculty, former students, and allied professionals.

The Architecture + Industry Advisory Council (A+IAC) supports the Texas A&M University – Department of Architecture by cultivating resilient approaches that advance architectural education and drive the future of design and professional practice in response to global challenges.

A+IAC goals and objectives

The A+IAC inspires excellence globally through the active integration of industry partnerships, academic collaboration and partnerships, and the profession of architecture. A+AIC members have priority access to our outstanding current students and graduates, play a vital role in ensuring our program remains at the forefront of architectural education and connect directly with our students to help guide their career journey. A+IAC members participate in program development, contributing to the evolution of architectural education, and providing expertise and guidance to our students. The A+IAC fosters and expands relationships with professionals and industry experts, supports student scholarships and faculty fellowships, and advocates for and promotes the Texas A&M University Department of Architecture.

  • Enable real-world learning, engagement, and connections between students, faculty, and industry.
  • Fund student initiatives, events, and participation in industry organizations.
  • Promote the architecture program nationally and internationally.
  • Seek industry feedback to ensure students acquire skills to succeed in all facets of the architecture industry.
  • Increase internship and employment opportunities for students.
  • Establish sustainable funding for the architecture program and students by establishing endowments.

Become a Member

Become a Member

Help mentor and inspire the architecture professionals of tomorrow by joining A+IAC today. There are two types of membership: corporate/firm and individual. Each type of membership has multiple contribution levels.

All levels of membership include the following benefits:

  • Engage and connect with our current and former students through student engagement and learning.
  • Enhance curriculum, ensuring our program remains at the forefront of architectural education.
  • Contribute expertise to shape the next generation of architects through speaking opportunities.
  • Early student recruitment enables internship recruitment that grows and positions your firm for iPAL students and graduates.
  • Access to A+IAC Members by actively participating in A+IAC Committees and attending bi-annual meetings.
($5k for 5 years)
$5,000 annually
$2,500 annually
$1,000 annually
$500 annually
Emerging Professional
$100 annually
Invitation to all A+IAC eventsInvitation to all A+IAC eventsInvitation to all A+IAC eventsInvitation to all A+IAC eventsInvitation to all A+IAC eventsInvitation to all A+IAC events
Industry NetworkingIndustry NetworkingIndustry NetworkingIndustry NetworkingIndustry NetworkingIndustry Networking
Individual VotesIndividual VotesIndividual VotesIndividual VotesIndividual VotesIndividual Votes
Committee Chair EligibleCommittee Chair EligibleCommittee Chair EligibleCommittee Chair EligibleCommittee Chair Eligible
Invitation to Student Meet & GreetInvitation to Student Meet & GreetInvitation to Student Meet & GreetInvitation to Student Meet & Greet
Recognition at Board Meetings**Recognition at Board Meetings**Recognition at Board Meetings**
Career Fair Early Enrollment Fee IncludedCareer Fair Early Enrollment Fee Included
Lifetime Member Status
* Available for Corporate joining. Corporate benefits include A+IAC identification at Career Day tabling events, booth selection, early sponsorship notification, early notification and participation in student internship opportunities, firm acknowledgment at departmental events.
** Acknowledgment at A+IAC Board meetings will be inherent to members identification at the meetings.

A+IAC Leadership

A+IAC Leadership / Membership

Leadership of the A+IAC

The A+IAC conducts its affairs and business through its Board and standing committees of the A+IAC. The Head of the Department of Architecture serves as the Executive Director. The Executive Committee, consisting of an Executive Director, Past-President, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer manages the affairs of the A+IAC. According to nominations made by the Membership Committee, the A+IAC membership elects the Executive Committee at the Fall meeting of odd-numbered years for the two years beginning July 1 of the following calendar year. The Executive Committee nominates the chair of each committee from the membership of the A+IAC. The President will present the proposed slate of committee chairs for the next two calendar years at the Fall meeting of each odd-numbered year. The A+IAC membership will vote on the slate. Each committee will have a representative member from the faculty of the Department of Architecture. The chairs shall serve for two years beginning July 1 of the following year.

A+IAC Executive Board

  • Gregory Luhan, Executive Director / Texas A&M, Department Head of Architecture
  • Ron Skaggs, Past-President / HKS, President Emeritus
  • Scott Roselius, President / Heights Venture Architecture + Design
  • Luke Scott, Vice President / Hilton Worldwide
  • Kindall Shanon, Secretary / RS&H
  • Jenna Higginbotham, Treasurer / Looney & Associates
  • Donna Coussons, Industry Liaison / Texas A&M, Executive Director of Industry Engagement

Committee Chairs

  • Robert Holton, Pre-Professional Programs – Curriculum, Research & Student Engagement / Heights Venture Architecture + Design
  • Vergel Gay, Professional Programs – Curriculum, Research & Student Engagement / Vergel Gay & Associates
  • Erin Machac, Research Programs – Curriculum, Research & Student Engagement / TreanorHL
  • John Major, Center-based – CRS – Design, Technology, Practice, & Innovation Framework / Page
  • Fernando Rodrigues, Center-based – CHSD – Health Systems & Design / HDR
  • Carrie Zaboroski, Center-based – CHC – Preservation & Heritage Conservation / Trivium Heritage Conservation, LLC.
  • Michael Alost, A+IAC – Budget & Finance / KDC
  • Don Vernon, A+IAC – Membership Development & Retention / Arcosa
  • Jeff Potter, A+IAC – Development & Outreach / Potter Architects

Membership in Action

The A+IAC’s Executive Board, committees, and members meet throughout the year to plan opportunities for students in the Department of Architecture, enabling them to connect with industry, advise/update the Department on industry trends, and grow the Aggie network.


The A+IAC Executive Committee and each Committee meet weekly throughout the year. The A+IAC Membership meets bi-annually – once in the Fall and once in the Spring each year.  A list of upcoming important dates and events are listed below.

September 14, 2023A+IAC + AIAS Mixer – Adams Presentation Space
September 15, 2023A+IAC Fall Career Fair – Langford A – Architectural Complex
October 19, 2023A+IAC DFW Reception
November 2, 2023TxA FW Aggie Reception
November 6, 2023Healthcare Design Conference NOLA
November 10, 2023A+IAC Fall Meeting
November 11, 2023A+IAC/ARCHTailgate – BTHO MS STATE
February 15, 2024A+IAC + AIAS Mixer – Adams Presentation Space
February 16, 2024A+IAC Spring Career Fair – Kyle Field Hall of Champions
April 25, 2024A+IAC Reception
April 26, 2024A+IAC Spring Meeting
Architecture + Industry Advisory Council (A+IAC) 2023-24 Event Calendar

See the 2024 A+AIC Report

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Support the A+IAC

Additional supporting platforms include Corporate Sponsorship and Endowment Commitment. Corporate Sponsorship benefits your business, continuously advances the Department of Architecture, and positions your business at A+IAC initiatives such as A+IAC tailgates, meetings, and lecture series. Endowment Commitments to the A+IAC will contribute to the A+IAC’s enduring success, leaving a lasting legacy within the Texas A&M University – Department of Architecture for the future.

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