Study Abroad

Through our study abroad programs, you’ll enroll in courses relevant to your major while gaining a new cultural perspective. Even thousands of miles away, you’ll be taking steps closer to your degree. 

We offer many faculty-led study abroad programs in the fall, spring, and summer semesters that satisfy the semester away requirement. Students are advised to study abroad during their junior year. Visit the Texas A&M Education Abroad to learn more about study abroad opportunities. 

Benefits of Studying Abroad

  • Experience textbook examples of art and architecture come to life 
  • Develop professionally and personally through a new cultural perspective 
  • Discover a renewed passion for your studies and future career 

Pick a Program

With a diverse selection of programs to choose from, you can pick a study abroad trip that suits your degree and appeals to your interests.

Universities Studies — Global Arts, Planning, Design, and Construction Concentration

Our summer semester programs satisfy the semester away requirement for university studies students only.


United Kingdom

Construction Science

Construction science students must complete the internship and study abroad requirements. By enrolling in our semester-long study abroad program in the United Kingdom, you can simultaneously complete both. Summer and spring break programs are also offered, but don’t satisfy the semester away requirement.

Environmental Design

Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning