Progress, innovation and change cannot happen without creativity. Embracing creative work as a type of scholarship can solve problems, inspire change, and transform the human environment and experience.

A true mecca for interdisciplinary efforts, the College of Architecture’s diverse yet complimentary programs work together to shape and improve the natural, built and virtual environments.

In a world where technology is constantly leaping forward, our faculty and students enthusiastically explore cutting-edge methods and tools and use them to expand artistic possibilities and create new mediums of art, entertainment, accessibility and more.

Why creative work lives here

While architecture and its corresponding fields have always required imagination and inventiveness, official spaces for creative efforts were established in the late 1980s. Following the birth and availability of the internet, art and virtual design became available as an area of study within the college. Creating and making in a digital space was a natural and exciting extension of drafting and conceptualizing on paper for students and faculty who were already inclined to imagining what was not yet possible.

Over the next three decades, creative works within the college would expand to include:

  • Technical art
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing/ painting
  • Digital art
  • Photography/ filmmaking
  • Animation / visual effects
  • Interactive media design
  • CG lighting/ shading and pipeline development
  • Character technical directing
  • Game design
  • Web development
  • Immersive virtual reality design

Due to the artistic, cognitive and technical foundations used for all areas of study in the college, many faculty members hold dual positions in multiple departments to best educate within their myriad fields of overlapping expertise. 

Graduates go on to lead in a limitless array of fields, often trailblazing their own. Students become creative directors, software and game developers, fashion designers, inventors, and magnates. Many go on to influence the cultural zeitgeist by lending their talents to studios like Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks.

Artistic Galleries

Viz North Gallery + Studio
Department of Visualization

Wright Gallery
Faculty lead: Rebecca Pugh

Institutes and Labs

Institute for Applied Creativity
Faculty lead: Carol Lafayette

The Institute of Technology-Infused Learning
Faculty lead: Dr. Francis Quek

HCI Lab – Includes five research groups:

Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab (LIVE Lab)
Faculty lead: André Thomas