Each year the Department of Architecture administers over $320,000 in scholarships and fellowships awarded to approximately 150 deserving undergraduate and graduate students. All Department of Architecture students in good academic standing may compete for the scholarships and fellowships. A Department of Architecture scholarship committee comprised of program coordinators, faculty, and professionals review all scholarship applications and rank them according to the donor agreement, student need, and design excellence to determine scholarship recipients.

How to Apply

Recruiting Scholarships and Fellowships for Incoming Students

The Department of Architecture awards recruiting scholarships to incoming undergraduate and graduate students. All students who have been accepted into the Environmental Design program and students accepted into each Department of Architecture graduate programs are considered. No scholarship application is required for the recruiting scholarships.

Scholarships and Fellowships for Returning Students

Current Department of Architecture students must file an online scholarship application to be considered for scholarships and fellowships. Select scholarships require the submission of papers, proposals and portfolios. The application process for the Department of Architecture scholarships and fellowships is online.

For any additional information or questions please forward all correspondence to archscholarships@arch.tamu.edu.

Part One

The deadline for Part One of the Architecture Scholarship applications expired at 5:00 p.m. on December 18, 2023.

Part Two

All papers, proposals, and portfolios required of select scholarships must be submitted online to the Department of Architecture in PDF format (minimum size). Please note you must complete part one of the application process before submitting a paper, proposal, and/or portfolio for consideration.

The deadline for Part Two of the Architecture Scholarship applications expired at 5:00 pm Friday, January 19, 2024.

Helping Hands Scholarship

The Helping Hands Scholarship is available each semester to full-time upper division undergraduate students and graduate students on track for graduation, for a degree in the Departments of Architecture or Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The Helping Hands Scholarship is not intended to be used by first or second-year students (freshman and sophomores). It is the preference of the donor that students have financial need or have been facing unanticipated personal or financial challenges.   

Who is Eligible?  

  • Priority consideration shall be given to full-time upper division senior undergraduate students who are within 30 hours of attaining their degree in the specified departments (Architecture or Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning).
  • Secondary consideration shall be given to full-time upper division junior undergraduate students who are under “exceptional circumstances” of financial need and are on track for graduation in the specified departments (Architecture or Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning).
  • Tertiary consideration shall be given to graduate students in the specified departments (Architecture or Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning).

Specific to Environmental Design and Architecture Students:

  • Full time students who will be enrolled in junior level (ARCH 305, CARC 301/311/331) and senior level (ARCH 406) design studios during the spring semester 2024 
  • Full-time degree seeking graduate students (Master of Architecture, M.S. and Ph.D.) in the Department of Architecture.  
  • Both domestic and international degree seeking students are eligible to apply.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Arthur W. Licht Memorial Scholarship
  • Arthur W. Licht Scholar Award
  • August A. Neuner ‘36 Scholarship
  • Beth & Joe Denman ’46 Endowed Scholarship
  • Billy Frank Gafford Endowed Scholarship
  • Bobby Briggs Scholarship
  • Bonnie R. and Aaron L. Jones ’92 Endowed Scholarship
  • Carol J. and Jason W. Beal ’77 Endowed Scholarship
  • Catherine and Key Kolb Endowment
  • Catherine L. Gauldin Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Charles F. Dean Memorial Scholarship
  • Craig A. Smith ’85 Endowed Scholarship
  • Donald R. Kabuala ’80 Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Edward J. Romieniec, FAIA, Endowed Scholarship
  • Edward J. Romieniec Graduate Fellowship in Architecture
  • Ettore and Angelina De Santis Excellence Fund
  • F. E. Giesecke 1886 / P.M. Geren ’12 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Gary Carroll ’71 Memorial Scholarship
  • Gary W. Chapman ’89 Environmental Design Scholarship
  • Gene D. Burton Endowed Scholarship for Integration of Clinical Technology in Health Care Design
  • Gensler Aggies Endowed Scholarship
  • George and Esther Bohn Endowed Scholarship
  • Gracie J. and Paul M. Terrill Jr. ’57 Endowed Scholarship
  • Graduating Class of ’57 Scholarship
  • Gunter W. Koetter ’40 Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Architecture
  • Harold L. Adams ’61 Endowed Scholarship
  • Hermann B. Riherd ’33 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • HKCP Jennings Hackler & Partners Scholarship Fund
  • Houchins Family Publication Award
  • J. Rodney Tabor Scholarship in Architecture
  • Jack F. Doyle Endowed Scholarship
  • James D. Tittle ’49 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Jesse R. Corrigan Jr. ’83 Endowed Scholarship
  • Joe Bob Merritt ’91 Endowed Scholarship
  • Joe Max Powell ’69 Endowed Scholarship
  • John F. Houchins, AIA ’58 Endowed Scholarship
  • John F. Houchins, AIA and Johnnie Mae Houchins Endowed Scholarship
  • Johnnie Mae and John F. Houchins Master of Architecture Scholarship
  • J. Rodney Tabor Memorial Scholarship
  • Kate and Harwood K. Smith ’35 Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Architecture
  • Kate and Harwood K. Smith ’35 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Kelley Vrooman Endowed Scholarship
  • Marilee and James W. Hiester ’50 Endowed Scholarship
  • Mark A. Stewart ’74 Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael G. Meyers Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Nancy C. and Frank J. Cinatl III ’56 Graduate Fellowship
  • Page Southerland Page Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Patti and Tom Owens ’73 Family Leadership Scholarship
  • Professor Daniel F. MacGilvray Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Raymond G. Post ’23 and Raymond G. Post Jr. ’61 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • Renee and Norman Zelman ‘39 President’s Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert J. Colburn ’81 Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. and Helen Wingler Endowed Scholars Fund
  • Robert O. Travis ’32 Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert R. ’84 and Sheryl R. ’87 Holton Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Roberta and Larry Priesmeyer ’56 Scholarship
  • Rozi and William R. Doreen ’64 Endowed Scholarship
  • Ruth Hall Lusher ’78 Endowed Scholarship
  • Sergeant Larry K. Kaiser ’66 Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Sondra and Ronald L. Skaggs ‘65 Endowed Scholarship for International Studies
  • Vergel L. Gay Jr. ’73 and Christel A. Gay ’06 Endowed Scholarship in Architecture
  • William C. Pahlmann Scholarship
  • William Henry Fowler Memorial Scholarship
  • William Merriweather Pena Scholarship
  • William Wayne Caudill Student Research Fellowship

Annual Scholarships and Awards

Department of Architecture Scholarships and Awards

  • Center for Health Systems & Design Shepley Scholarship
  • Center for Health Systems & Design Ulrich Scholarship
  • Charles and Bonita Culp ’07, ‘19 Research Award
  • Department of Architecture Council for Excellence Scholarship
  • Department of Architecture Helping Hands Scholarships
  • Department of Architecture Undergraduate Scholarships (Differential Tuition)
  • Ernest Langford Scholarship
  • FKP Architects Inc. Scholarship in Health Facilities Design
  • Heights Venture Architects Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Linda J. Todd/AIAS Award for Excellence
  • M.N. Davidson Foundation Scholarship
  • Portfolio Awards
  • StudioMET Scholarship

Department Book Awards

  • AIAS Department of Architecture Award
  • Chad Crawford Memorial Book Award
  • Charles Estes Memorial Award
  • David G. Woodcock Heritage Conservation Award
  • E. Dudley Watkins Award
  • Edna Blevins Award
  • Edward J. Romieniec Graduate Award
  • Edward J. Romieniec Senior Award
  • John Only Greer Award
  • Joseph Donaldson Award
  • Kenneth D. Williams Memorial Award
  • Patton Alexander Echols Award

Scholarships and Fellowships from External Sources

Dallas Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Scholarship

  • Dallas CSI Scholarship

Texas Architectural Foundation Scholarships

  • Abilene Chapter AIA Architecture Scholarship
  • AIA Amarillo Chapter Scholarship
  • AIA Corpus Christi Chapter Scholarship
  • AIA Northeast Texas Scholarship
  • AIA San Antonio Chapter Daryl Engel Memorial Scholarship in Architecture
  • AIA Southeast Texas Chapter Douglas E. Steinman Jr. FAIA Scholarship
  • AIA Waco Chapter Memorial Scholarship
  • Association Administrators & Consultants, Inc. Scholarships
  • Brazos Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Scholarship **
  • Brown Reynolds Watford Architects Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles Lamar and Verda McKittrick Endowed Scholarship
  • Edward John Romieniec, FAIA, Endowed Scholarship **
  • E. G. Spencer Scholarship
  • Edwin W. and Alyce O. Carroll Scholarship
  • El Paso Chapter AIA Scholarship
  • El Paso Chapter AIA Scholarship for Graduate Studies
  • George F. Harrell II | OMNIPLAN Scholarship
  • Grayson Gill Memorial Scholarship
  • HKCP Jennings Hackler and Partners Scholarship Fund
  • H. Leo Tucker Scholarship Endowed by Tittle, Luther, Loving **
  • Horace B. McCord Memorial Scholarship
  • Hugh M. Cunningham Grants
  • James E. Deininger Traveling Fellowship **
  • John J. (Jack) Luther Scholarship **
  • John Only Greer ’55, FAIA and Wanda Knight Greer Architectural Endowment **
  • Kenneth Lanier Anderson Prize
  •  Joan Morgan Hahnfeld and Lee Roy Hahnfeld, FAIA Scholarship **
  • Mattia J. Flabiano Jr. Southwest Terrazzo Association Architecture Scholarship
  • O’Neil Ford, FAIA Traveling Fellowship
  • Paul and Katie Stein Scholarships
  • Preston M. Geren Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Architecture **
  • Ruth Kaigler Goode and D. Rex Goode Scholarship
  • San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation Scholarship Honoring Brooks Martin, FAIA
  • San Antonio Diversity Scholarship — Norcell D. Haywood
  • Southwest Terrazzo Association Architecture Scholarships
  • Texas A&M University Scholarship Endowed by Edward John Romieniec, FAIA
  • Theodore S. Maffit Jr. FAIA, and Patricia J. Maffitt Scholarship**
  • West Texas Chapter AIA Scholarship
  • Wichita Falls Chapter AIA Scholarship

** Dedicated to Texas A&M University

AIA and ARC Awards

Each year graduate students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program are considered for three prestigious awards from the American Institutes of Architects and the Alpha Rho Chi. Students are nominated by the graduate faculty.

AIA Award

  • Henry Adams Medal

ARC Awards

  • Alpha Rho Chi Medal and Certificate
  • ARCC King Student Research Medal