Health Industry Advisory Council (HIAC) connects health design companies to the best university-based education program in healthcare design and research in the world. Since 2002, HIAC has supported the activities of the Center for Health Systems and Design and Texas A&M University students interested in health design and research. 

HIAC aims to:

  • Create exciting and effective university-industry partnerships that contribute significantly to the creation of better healthcare environments
  • Tap the expertise of HIAC leaders in support of the world’s best university-based education program in healthcare design and research
  • Engage HIAC members in high impact research that demonstrate that good healthcare design improves medical / economic outcomes
  • Undertake research projects that advance the state of sound knowledge for evidence-based design and empower the transformation of healthcare architecture
  • Initiate funded healthcare design studio projects comprised of collaborations among HIAC professional firms and corporations and Texas A&M University faculty and students
  • Enhance funding, resources and capabilities for the healthcare design and research program at Texas A&M University

Business entity benefits

Business members of HIAC gain direct access to students, faculty and researchers. Benefits include:

  • Access to students enrolled in the graduate certificate program in healthcare design and engage in studio and portfolio reviews
  • Exclusive access to research expertise and services (e.g.; literature reviews) on specific issues of interest to your firm
  • Special presentations by healthcare faculty about new research and findings
  • Invitations to give visiting lectures in healthcare classes at Texas A&M
  • Opportunities to present your firm’s work to students and faculty
  • Promotion of your firm on CHSD publications
  • Inclusion of your research-related news and information in the CHSD newsletter
  • Invitations to seminars on Lean Design and training for the EDAC exam
  • CEU credits for participation in HIAC meetings and seminars

Become a member

To become a member, contact

  • Practitioners and Professional Organizations – Annual membership fee of $5,000

Member Firms

HIAC currently consists of 18 member firms and five international member firms.


  • CallisonRTKL
  • Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.
  • EYP
  • Gresham Smith
  • HDR, Inc.
  • HKS Architects
  • The Innova Group
  • Marmon Mok
  • Page/
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Perkins&Will
  • Shepley Bulfinch


  • Yonglin Healthcare Foundation
  • Shanghai Horizon Healthcare
  • Ao Hua Medical Industry Co.
  • Shenzhen General Institute of Architecture & Design Research
  • Kajima Corporation

Impact on the Center

HIAC members have enabled the center to be a stable and innovative organization. With their support, we have assumed a significant international role in the promotion of original and appropriate health care environments. HIAC has funded:

  • Travel for students and faculty to participate in health conferences
  • Guest lecturer program
  • Student assistantships and scholarships
  • CHSD publications and enrichment activities