Summer Study Abroad in Spain

Our faculty-led summer I semester program allows university studies students to experience the life, culture, and industry of Spain.

Centered in Barcelona, the program offers courses in contemporary design, construction, and planning. Rich in historic sites, Barcelona also offers a large number of contemporary buildings that merit study. You’ll engage Spanish art and history in your studies while exploring one of the world’s cultural capitals.

About the Program

Located in the Spanish region of Catalunya, Barcelona is an exciting city with a long history of innovation in building construction and design. The summer-long program provides students an opportunity to explore the region while taking courses satisfying undergraduate and graduate curriculum requirements. 

Areas of Emphasis

  • Contemporary design
  • Construction and planning
  • Independent Travel

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All students are required to take a total of 6-credit hours to participate in this program. Students should meet with their academic advisors to ensure they meet eligibility requirements and that the courses are degree applicable.

  • CARC 311 — Field Studies in Design Communication | 3 credits
  • CARC 331 — Field Studies in Design Philosophy | 3 credits

FAQ about Summer Study Abroad Program

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Open to all School of Architecture majors 
  • Admitted into upper-level construction science courses at the time of departure 
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA at time of application and until program start
  • Good standing with Texas A&M University   
  • Must attend all program meetings
  • Professor approval 
How do I enroll in a study abroad semester?

Start your study abroad journey in the education abroad portal.

Does this satisfy the School of Architecture’s semester away requirement?

The fall and spring semester programs satisfy the school’s semester away requirement. The summer I and summer II programs satisfy this requirement for university studies students only.

How long is the program?

The summer I study abroad program spans 10 weeks. The summer II study abroad program spans five weeks.

Will this delay my degree plan?

No. The program allows you to complete the same coursework offered at the Texas A&M campus. Because you’ll be taking courses over the summer, you’ll actually be getting ahead!

How much does it cost?

Visit the education abroad portal for information about the trip’s costs and funding.

What will I do during my study abroad semester?

The program is centered on living in Barcelona, Spain. You’ll complete courses in design, planning and construction, as well as visit notable sites throughout the region during your stay.

Who will I stay with?

Students are placed in apartment-style housing in double-rooms within Barcelona. During overnight excursions, students will be in hotels, and some group meals will be included. Students are responsible for the majority of their meals in-country. Internet access is available in the classroom and apartments but may vary during excursions.

What if I don’t speak Spanish?

Spanish language instruction is part of the curriculum, though courses are taught in English.

Are there COVID-19 traveling restrictions?

As of October 29, there are delays in passport processing due to COVID-19. Students should apply for their passports at least three months in advance to allow for adequate processing time. Students are required to be fully vaccinated to participate in the program.