About the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

The Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning (LAUP) at Texas A&M is the only department of its kind in the nation. We offer an unmatched set of degree programs in three distinct but related disciplines that plan, design and develop places, through a unique, evidence-based approach. The Mission of LAUP is to create and disseminate knowledge and skills to enhance functional, healthy, sustainable, and resilient built and natural virtual environments through instruction, research, professional practice, and service in landscape architecture, urban planning, land development, and allied disciplines. The Department is the “go to” place, both intellectually and geographically, in the United States and beyond, for the active creation of, application of, and dissemination of the knowledge and skills to design, plan, and develop is space using an evidence-based approach.

  • Landscape Architecture: The planning, design, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments coupling advanced and traditional digital, virtual, and analog methods
  • Urban Planning: A community engagement driven, systematic, and creative process which influences the future of neighborhoods, cities, regions, rural and metropolitan areas
  • Land & Property Development: A process which makes improvements to a piece of land through its alteration from a natural or semi-natural state for a developmental purpose

LAUP is housed in the Langford Architecture Center at Texas A&M University. Located in College Station, Texas, we benefit from a close-knit community atmosphere while having easy access to four of the 20 largest cities in the United States — Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin.

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In the Classroom

We’re committed to engaged, interdisciplinary teaching and learning. We draw from all disciplines in the department to undergo research and practice at different spatial scales. The department’s faculty, staff and administrators are dedicated to supporting our students in and out of the classroom.

Undergraduate Majors and Minor

Graduate programs


Our unique combination of disciplines allows for high-impact, interdisciplinary research. Our faculty focus on how to enhance functional, healthy, sustainable and resilient human environments.

Service & Engagement

Many of our programs integrate real-world experience into the curriculum. We partner with Texas Target Communities and other communities to complete projects that have a real impact.

Our commitment to service

The Aggie Difference

Each year, we engage with the Aggie network and professional connections to introduce students to potential employers. Our Career Fair and Aggie Workshop provides networking opportunities for potential employees and employers.

Career Fair & Aggie Workshop

Each academic year, our department awards about 100 scholarships worth over $140,000. Donors who partner with the Texas A&M Foundation make these scholarships possible.

LAUP scholarships

Preparing Students for Tomorrow

Our graduates are prepared for professional careers and active engagement in the Aggie network.

Professional Programs

Our professional programs are accredited to guarantee that our programs meet national standards. Each accrediting body requires we publish information regarding program performance.

Professional Advisory Boards

Involvement from our professional advisory boards ensures we are preparing our students for careers after graduation.


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Assistant to the Department Head & Graduate Advisor

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