Summer Study Abroad in Croatia

University studies students can experience the cultural richness and commercial environments of Croatia during our summer I semester program. Collaborate with local businesses and enhance your visualization skills while living in the picturesque port city of Dubrovnik.

More details are available in the Education Abroad Portal. 

About the Program

Our program allows students to gain first-hand business experience while collaborating with Croatian industries. Working jointly with Texas A&M marketing students,  you’ll learn design practices, develop business plans and implement visual branding. You’ll also have easy access to some of the area’s most beautiful travel destinations, including Split.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Networking opportunities with local Croatian businesses
  • Experience in visual brand development 
  • Excursion to Split, Croatia

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All students are required to take a total of 6-credit hours to participate in this program. Meet with an academic advisor to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements before enrolling in any courses.

  • CARC 311 — Field Studies in Design Communication | 3 credits
  • CARC 331 — Field Studies in Design Philosophy | 3 credits
  • CARC 485 — Directed Studies: Revitalization Through Visualization | 3 credits
  • CARC 685 — Directed Studies: Revitalization Through Visualization | 3 credits

View the Texas A&M course catalogue for information about each course. 

FAQs about the Program

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Open to University Studies — Architecture students only
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Must attend all program-specific pre-departure orientations 
  • Good standing with Texas A&M University 
How do I enroll in a study abroad semester?

Start your study abroad journey in the education abroad portal.

Does this satisfy the School of Architecture’s semester away requirement?

Yes, for university studies students only.

How long is the program?

The study abroad program in Croatia spans 5 weeks during the summer I semester.

Will this delay my degree plan?

No. The program allows you to complete the same coursework offered at the Texas A&M campus. Because you’ll be earning college credit over the summer, you’ll be getting ahead!

How much does it cost?

Read about program costs and funding in the education abroad portal. 

What will I do during my study abroad semester?

The program is centered on business development in Dubrovnik, Croatia. You’ll work with businesses to develop a visual brand identity and maximize marketing outreach, as well as visit the site’s beautiful surroundings.

Are there COVID-19 traveling restrictions?

As of October 29, there are delays in passport processing due to COVID-19. Students should apply for their passports at least three months in advance to allow for adequate processing time. Students are required to be completely vaccinated to participate in the program.