Change of Major into the School of Architecture

Texas A&M students who wish to change majors must receive approval from the academic college, department, or major they want to transfer from.

Am I eligible to change my major?

Different departments within the college have different policies and requirements for accepting change of major students. Requirements may include a maximum amount of hours taken, a minimum GPA or having taken specific courses.

It is essential to review the requirements listed before submitting a change of major request. You may check for change of major requirements for each of our majors on the Transition Academic Programs website.

Current Texas A&M Students

Before a current student can request a change of major, they must complete one semester of full admission and full-time enrollment.

Incoming First-time-in-college Students

Before your New Student Conference

You may request a change of major through the Office of Admissions. Majors that are full will not be available to change into.

During Your New Student Conference

Students may not change majors into the School of Architecture during their New Student Conference.

Already attended your New Student Conference

First-time-in-college students may seek a change of major before their first semester. Students who submit the request between 10 business days before the first day of class and the fifth day of regular class will be considered.

Students who apply for a change of major after the fifth day of regular class will not be allowed to change their major during the semester they apply. Their applications will be reviewed after completing their first semester of enrollment.

How Changing Your Major Works

When to Request a Change of Major

We recommend all students to meet with the academic advisor of the program they are interested in before requesting a change of major.

Eligible students can submit a change of major request between ten business days after final grades are posted and the 20th day of the semester. For example, if you want to request to change your major for the spring semester, you can submit your request beginning 10 business days after fall final grades are posted through the 20th day of the spring semester. Requests to change your major in the fall open June 1.

Check application deadlines on the academic calendar

How to Make the Change of Major Request

The new University-wide Change of Major application is now available on Howdy.

  1. Log into your Howdy Portal
  2. Click on the My Record tab
  3. Scroll down to the Change of Major Request module
  4. Click on Submit or View Change Request

Watch a tutorial on changing your major

Receiving the Change of Major Decision

Students will be notified of a decision about their change of major request by the 10th business day after final grades are posted. If approved, the change of major will be effective for the next academic term (per Texas A&M University Student Rule 5 Change of Curriculum).

Completing Your Major After It’s Changed

Many of the School of Architecture majors will take more than three years to complete after changing your major.

The Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, and Visualization programs can take up to eight semesters (4 years) to complete after transferring because these programs require a studio sequence. There is no way to overlap to get ahead with studio courses as they are meant to be taken in sequential order. Departments may offer summer studio courses to accelerate a program.

Construction Science can take at least five semesters (2.5 years) to complete after transferring. Students must complete at least one semester of lower-level classes and then complete four semesters of upper-level classes.

University Studies can take anywhere from 2–4 years to complete depending on how many hours are transferred and how courses fit into your degree plan.


Information is updated annually or as notified. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to check and verify all academic requirements with the department’s website or advisor. Students are responsible for meeting the terms of the major-specific requirements for admission if students are in provisional programs (i.e. Gateway, Blinn TEAM, Engineering Academies).