The Urban Planning Professional Advisory Council (PLANPAC) connects our program with industry leaders. The council consists of industry professionals in the design, planning and development fields. All members share a common interest in developing high-quality, functional, and sustainable environments. The PLANPAC assists the urban planning programs in addressing issues related to improving human environments, natural environments, and education. 


  • Russell Bradley ’71
    Dentist, College Station, Texas
  • Jim Carrillo, AICP
    Vice President, Halff Associates, Austin, Texas
  • Joey Dunn ’94
    Deputy City Manager, City of Bryan, Bryan, Texas
  • Elizabeth Grindstaff ’86
    AICP, Assistant City Manager, City of San Angelo, Texas
  • Ed Hard ’85
    Research Scientist, Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, Texas
  • Bob Hunter ’67
    FAICP, Executive Director, The Planning Commission, Florida
  • Mark Linenschmidt ’04
    AICP CFM, Senior Planner, City of League City, Texas
  • Juan Lopez, AICP
    Director of Planning and Zoning, City of Edinburg, Edinburg, Texas
  • Mike McAnelly ’69, FAICP
    Senior Planner/Project Manager, JACOBS
  • Gary Mitchell ’88, AICP
    Vice President, Kendig Keast Collaborative
  • Michael Parks, AICP
    Assistant Executive Director, Brazos Valley Council of Governments
  • Joseph Pobiner, AICP
    Principal, JPC, Grapevine, Texas
  • Jennifer Prochazka ’02, AICP
    Senior Planner, City of College Station, Texas
  • Rob Rae ’08, AICP
    Planner, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Irving, Texas
  • Tom Wesp ’87, AICP
    Government Business Development Manager, ESRI, San Antonio, Texas
  • Sara Jane White, FAICP
  • Jack Wierzenski ’83, AICP
    Director of Economic Development, Dallas Area Rapid Transit