Annual Preservation Symposium

Since 2000, the CHC has sponsored an annual symposium on historic preservation that attracts faculty, students, and historic preservation professionals from around Texas and beyond.

25th Annual Historic Preservation Symposium

CHC Symposium History

2023     Saving Social Spaces

Adam Shalleck, FAIA, The Shalleck Collaborative, San Francisco, CA

Patrick Sparks, Sparks Engineering, San Antonio, TX

Derek O’Hara, Elysian Park Planning, Los Angeles, CA

Mike Record, AIA, The Arkitex Studio, Bryan, TX

Eva Read Warden, AIA, The Arkitex Studio, Bryan, TX

David Preziosi, FAICP, Texas Historical Foundation, Dallas, TX

2022     Women in Preservation (Virtual)

Nancy T. McCoy, FAIA, FAPT, LEED AP, McCoy Collaborative, Dallas, TX

Sharon Park, FAIA, FAPT, Preservation Office, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Constance Lai, FAIA, NCARB, Preservation Services Manager, Grunley, Washington DC

Taryn Williams, PE, SE Senior Project Manager, SGH, Washington DC (APT President)

Deborah Slaton, FAPT, Principal, Wiss Janney Elster, Chicago, IL

Carolyn Kiernat, AIA, Principal, Page and Turnball, San Francisco, CA

2021     Difficult Campus Heritage (Virtual)

Nick Shepard, Aarhus University, Denmark

Tara Innis, University of the West Indies

Louis Nelson, University of Virginia

Rhondda Thomas, Clemson University

Tara Dudley, University of Texas at Austin

Diana Loren and Patricia Capone, Harvard University

Jody Lynn Allen, College of William and Mary

Adam Rothman, Georgetown University

Rebecca Hankins, Texas A&M university

2020     Preservation in Practice

Barbara Campagna, FAIA, FAPT, Buffalo, NY

2019     Preservation in Texas: Contemporary and Future Challenges

David G. Woodcock, FAIA, FSA, FAPT, Texas A&M University

Perky Beisel, Stephen F. Austin State University

Samuel Collins, III, Convict Leasing and Labor Project

Catherine Gorman, City of Galveston

Dwane Jones, Galveston Historical Foundation

Julie McGilvray, University of New Mexico

Kate Singleton, Preservation Austin

David Bush, Preservation Houston

Doris Eichburg, Building Diagnostic, Inc. & APT Texas

Stanley Graves, Architexas

Nancy McCoy, McCoy Collaborative

Reginal Moore, Convict Leasing and Labor Project

Evan Thompson, Preservation Texas

2018     African American Heritage

Everett L. Fly, MLA, FASLA, RA, 2014 National Humanities Medalist

Donna D. Carter, FAIA, President, Carter Design Associates, Austin

Eureka Gilkey, Executive Director, Project Row Houses, Houston

Priya Jain, AIA, Texas A&M University

Assata Richards, PhD, Director of Sankofa Research Institute, Houston; Department of Sociology, University of Houston

Andrea R. Roberts, PhD, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University

Lynn Henson, MA, CPM, Planner Manager, City of Houston

Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan, PhD, Depts of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development & Teaching, Learning, and Culture, Texas A&M University; Board President, Brazos Valley African American Museum

2017     Heritage, Conservation, and Archeology

John Stubbs, Director of Preservation Studies Program and Christovich Senior Professor of Architectural Preservation Practice, Tulane University

Colleen Hanratty, Co-director of the Blue Creek Archaeological Project, and owner of Linda Vista Archaeology

Peter Gavette, Archaeologist with the U.S. National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Justin Parkoff, Project Manager at Texas A&M Conservation Research Laboratory

Shawn Evans, Principal at Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

2016     Campus Heritage

Sylvia Kendra, Smithsonian Facilities

David Woodcock, Texas A&M University, Heritage of TAML A Personal Perspective, 1962-2012

Lilia Gonzales, Texas A&M University, Heritage Buildings and Spaces: Informing Development and Implementation

Larry Irsik and Stan Graves, Evolving Presentation Approaches: Cases Studies from UT-Austin

Paul Sanders, Broaddus, Rice University: An Architectural Legacy

2015     The Alamo: Structure of History

Bruce Winders, Alamo Historian

Pam Rosser, Alamo Conservator

Pat Sparks, Engineer

Michelle Bushey, Chemistry Professor

Ivan Myjer, Building Conservator

Robert Warden, CHC Director

Unmil Karadkar, Alamo database

2014     Houston: Building Stories

Elizabeth Wiedower

Anna Mod

Stephen Fox

Gerald Moorhead

2013     Texas Preservation Programs and Research

Dwayne Jones, Galveston Historic Foundation

Matt Synatschk

David Preziosi

Julie Fulgham

David Woodcock – moderator

2012     Disaster, Hazard Recovery, and Prevention for Historic Structures

Donald Friedman, Old Structures

Randolph Langenbach, ConservationTech

Robert Z. Melnick, University of Oregon

David Preziosi, Mississippi Heritage Trust

Petr Justa, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Dwayne Jones, Galveston Historic Foundation

2011     Adaptive Reuse: Architecture as a Found Object

K.T. Ravindran, School of Architecture and Planning, New Delhi

Ryan Jones, Lake Flato Architects

Aaron Lubeck, Trinity Design Build.

Elisabeth Knibbe, Quinn Evans Architects

Ron Staley, Christman Company

Brand+Allen Architects, San Francisco, California

2010     Technology Preserves

Bernard Frischer, University of Virginia

Karen Hughes, Leica

Gonzalo Martinez, Autodesk

Robert Warden, Texas A&M University

Kevin Williams, Clear Edge3d

Katherine M. Arrington, Library of Congress

Vivian Paul & Mark Everett, Texas A&M University

2009     Building on Green: Preservation and Sustainability

Carl Elefante, FAIA, Quinn Evans Washington DC

2008     Preserving the Modern

Gunny Harboe, AIA, Harboe Architects, PC Chicago

Robert Silman, PE, Robert Silman Associates, New York

Robert Johnson, AIA, CRS Center, Texas A&M University

William Dupont, AIA, San Antonio Conservation Society Endowed Professor, UTSA College of Architecture

Donna Carter, AIA, Carter Design Associates, Austin

Nancy McCoy, AIA, Quimby-McCoy Architects, Dallas

2007     Conserving Texas WWII History

Held at the Base Chapel, Riverside Campus (WWII Bryan Army Air Base, Now RELLIS Campus]

William A. McWhorter, Texas Historical Commission’s Military Sites Program, Austin, Texas

Heather Goodson, Texas Department of Transportation and Military Sites

Cathy Lazarus, Friends of Camp Hearne

Michael Waters, PhD, Anthropology, Texas A&M University

Robert Warden, Richard Burt and others, Texas A&M University

Barry Ward, Battleship Texas Foundation

Bruce Ashcroft

2006     Preparation for Preservation Practice: A Comprehensive Perspective

Dr. Michael Tomlan
Professor & Director, Historic Preservation Planning Program, Cornell University

Sue Ann Pemberton-Haugh AIA
Assistant Professor, College of Architecture, University of Texas at San Antonio

Elizabeth I. Louden
Professor, College of Architecture, Texas Tech University

Anna Mod
Adjunct Professor, Prairie View A&M University & Historic Preservation Specialist, LFC, Inc.

Vincent Michael
Associate Professor, Chair, Historic Preservation Program, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Barry Moore FAIA, RA
Adjunct Associate Professor, Director for Historic Preservation and Adaptive Use, University of Houston

David G. Woodcock & Robert Warden
Center for Heritage Conservation Texas A&M University

Dr. Ted J. Ligibel
Director, Historic Preservation Program, Eastern Michigan University

2005     Investigation and Evaluation in Historic Preservation

Gregor Kalas, Carolyn Peterson,  FAIA, Nerenda Gosain, Kent Diebolt (Vertical Access)

2004     Innovation Conservation: Technology in Practice

John Addison, Conservation Engineer Partner, Peter Stephen & Partners, Edinburgh, Scotland

Patrick Sparks, Structural Engineer, Sparks and Larosche, Pflugerville, Texas

Peter Lee, Structural Engineer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, San Francisco, California

Ronald Staley, Vice President, Christman Company, Lansing, Michigan

Paul Byard, Architect, Attorney, Educator, Columbia University and Platt Byard Dovell White Architects,
New York, New York

2003     Culture, Landscape, and Buildings

John Wyer, Landscape Architect: Bowles and Wyer, London

2002     Recording Cultural Heritage: 25 Years of HABS at Texas A&M University and the Future of Documentation

Ronald Brunskill, PhD, Leicester University, England

Robert Warden, Photogrammetry and Laser Theodolite (Montezuma Castle, AZ)

Exhibition in the MSC Stark Gallery (Funded by HABS)

2001     Presentation and Conservation in Practice

Bruce Judd, FAIA Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco, Preservation and Planning

Michael Dixon, FAIA, The Durrant group, Restoration and Rehabilitation

Karl Stumpf, AIA, RTKL Washington, DC Green Preservation

Arthur Jones, AIA Bower Lewis Thrower Architects, Philadelphia, Present the Recent Past

Dinner at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Park with Ray Bailey, FAIA as Speaker

2000     Careers in Presentation: The Present and the Future

Nancy McCoy, Jack Pyburn, Bill Barlow

Other Events

The CHC sponsors the “Heritage Matters Talks” lecture series and co-sponsors a number of other lectures and events throughout the year.