Health Systems & Design Certificate

The Health Systems and Design Certificate promotes research, innovation, and communication focusing on health facility planning and design. 

Students with the certificate have worked in:

  • Health facility management
  • Healthcare facility design
  • Healthcare planning

The Health Systems and Design Certificate is supported by the Center for Health Systems & Design.  The certificate is open to all School of Architecture graduate students.


Certificate Spotlights

Chanam Lee

Chanam Lee was one of the first seven students to receive the certificate. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Washington and is now a faculty member in the School of Architecture and a faculty fellow in the center.

Tiffany Robinson Long

Tiffany Robinson Long is a licensed architect who graduated with a certificate in Health Systems and Design. She’s now a partner at an architecture firm in San Antonio and often works in medical design and hospital project management.

Brian Briscoe

Brian Briscoe is a healthcare architect with a certificate in Health Systems and Design. He serves as the vice president of HKS, Inc.


ARCH 675Health Design and Research3
ARCH 681Seminar1

Select one of the following courses:

ARCH 605Architectural Design I6
ARCH 606Architectural Design II6
ARCH 607Architectural Design III6
ARCH 608Architectural Design IV6
ARCH 660Design Programming3
ARCH 693Professional Study1–23
COSC 670Facilities Asset Management3
COSC 693Professional Study1–6
LAND 693Professional Study1–23
LDEV 687 & LDEV 688Development Feasibility and Design & Development Feasibility and Design II3 each (6 total)
LDEV 693Professional Study1–6
PLAN 631Health Systems Planning and Policy3
PLAN 693Professional Study1–6

Select two of the following courses:

ARCH 624Theory of Placemaking3
ARCH 674Typologies of Contemporary Hospital Design3
ARCH 676Survey of Human Behavior and Design3
ARCH 678Foundations of Healthcare Design3
ARCH 689Special Topics in… (Facilitation for Planners and Designers)1–6
CARC 601Foundations of Research in Planning and Design3
CARC 602Research Methods in Planning and Design3
EPSY 647Lifespan Development3
HLTH 334Women’s Health3
HLTH 353Drugs and Society3
HLTH 631Community and Public Health3
HLTH 660Health Issues in Aging, Dying and Death3
LAND 640Research Methods in Landscape Architecture3
LDEV 661Development and the Environment3
LDEV 671Sustainable Development3
PHPM 601Foundations of Population and Public Health3
PHPM 605Introduction to Health Policy and Management3
PLAN 633Planning for Healthy Communities3
PLAN 634Environmental Health Policy and Planning 3
PSYC 607Experimental Psychology3
PSYC 610Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 615/NRSC 615Perceptual Processes3
PSYC 639Pediatric Psychology3

The Health Systems and Design Certificate includes at least 16 hours of coursework.

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