COSC Faculty and Students

Veterans celebrated at School of Architecture 

The School of Architecture thanks our staff, faculty, and student veterans who have bravely served their country.  

The Department of Construction Science proudly houses 32 students, seven faculty members and one staff member who are veterans, which is among the largest population of veterans in any unit at Texas A&M University.  

“I am honored to be a part of a university that supports and celebrates active and retired veterans as they further their education,” said Patrick Suermann, interim dean of the School of Architecture. “We appreciate their service and sacrifice today and every day.” 

Thank you for your service! 

School of Architecture student veterans 

  • Jordan Abels 
  • Corbin Appling 
  • Wesley Baker 
  • Jonathan Bainbridge 
  • Andrew Bloomer 
  • Jonathan Cagle 
  • Shane Clarke 
  • David Denton 
  • Spencer Fernandez 
  • Kyle Foley 
  • Cole Garcia 
  • Billy Jones
    Henry Kauffman 
  • Justin Kleiber 
  • Hunter Leschber 
  • Corby Maupin 
  • Robert McLaughlin 
  • Justin Miller 
  • Jackson Munsey 
  • Steven Orlowski 
  • Kyle Pate 
  • Steven Phillips 
  • Steven Pina 
  • Devin Pomeroy 
  • Alec Prevost 
  • Richard Schoenberger 
  • Jason Shaffer 
  • Jonathan Shirley 
  • Joe Slaughenhaupt 
  • Chase Smith 
  • Phillip Snider 
  • Daniel Wimberley 
  • Joel Zapalac 
COSC Student Veterns

Staff and Faculty veterans 

  • Randy Birdwell 
  • John Burrescia 
  • Roger Clarke 
  • Dave Goltz 
  • Kevin Gustavas 
  • Jonathan Houston 
  • Tonya Kidwell 
  • Trey Morgan 
  • Chris Novasad 
  • John Peters 
  • Lance Simms 
  • Patrick Suermann 
  • Will Willhite 
COSC Faculty and Staff


Veterans in the Department of Construction Science include: David Denton, Hunter Leschber, Devin Pomeroy, Jordan Abels, Corbin Appling, Henry Kauffman, Steven Pina, Jason Shaffer, Kyle Foley, Jonathan Houston, John Burrescia, Tonya Kidwell, Trey Morgan, Randy Birdwell and John Peters.

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