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“FutureBuilt” podcast launched by Texas A&M School of Architecture

The first episode of a new video and audio podcast “FutureBuilt,” featuring conversations with leadership and experts in the Texas A&M School of Architecture, releases this week on all streaming platforms.

The podcast covers the long and shorter-term vision for the school and its three unique departments: architecture, construction science and landscape architecture and urban planning. In addition to talks on how the school helps shape communities and industry through research, outreach and development, episodes also outline for current and future students how to take advantage of opportunities and succeed there and beyond.

“We’re telling the story of the School of Architecture – who we are, where we’re going, and why we are so passionate about what we do,” said Interim Dean Dr. Patrick Suermann. “The school podcast is for future students, former students, our academic colleagues, industry professionals and more. Listen in and get inspired to be a part of building our future.”

New episodes will release every other week during the Fall 2023 semester.

The first season’s guests include:

  • Dr. Patrick Suermann, interim dean
  • Dr. Greg Luhan, architecture department head
  • Dr. Phil Lewis, construction science department head
  • Dr. Galen Newman, landscape architecture and urban planning department head
  • Shelley Holliday, dean of students
  • Donna Coussons, industry relations coordinator
  • Hernan Guerra-Santos, construction science industry relations coordinator
  • Dr. Shannon VanZandt, former dean of research
  • Jaimie Hicks Masterson, Texas Target Communities Director
  • Meredith Brown, director of development

Episodes can be found at tx.ag/futurebuilt or on by searching “FutureBuilt” on any streaming platform. Listeners can also enter to win an iPad and a year’s subscription to a selection of subscription design programs.

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