Successfully managing health and safety in the workplace relies on commitment, consultation, and cooperation. Everyone in the workplace needs to understand the need for health and safety, what their role is in making the workplace safer, and how they can fulfill their responsibilities and duties.

Before students and faculty can utilize the facility and its machinery, they must first complete the required online training videos and exams, followed by a safety induction with a supervisor or safety officer. In order to get the access to the online videos and exams, you must send an email with  your name and UIN to before use. These procedures are applied to all students, faculty, individuals, and companies that are seeking to utilize the facility. If the project does not require your participation, you are only required to complete the safety introduction.

Step 1: Safety training is required for everyone.

In order to reduce the risk of workplace illness or injury, everyone wanting to utilize the Fab Lab must complete the following safety training videos and exams:

  • General Safety
  • First Aid
  • Ladder and Lifting Safety
  • Noise Safety
  • Equipment Safety
  • Hand & Power Tool Safety
  • Welding Safety

Step 2: A safety meeting must be held.

Prior to performing tasks, a safety meeting led by Fab Lab staff must be held with all personnel involved and the safety officer/supervisor. The Safety Meeting Form (doc)Job Safety Analysis (PDF) and the Workplace Hazards (doc) all must be reviewed and completed. These forms help students learn about the specific hazards in the Fab Lab as well as giving them the knowledge to control risks associated with those hazards.

Along with reviewing these documents, we are required to provide and review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for applicable materials and projects.

Step 3: Complete a project ticket and book a time slot

All projects coming in and out of the Fab Lab require a project ticket to be completed. Upon entering and exiting the shop, students must also sign in and out in the office with a manager.

Schedule Your Project

Step 4: Wear appropriate clothing when entering the Fab Lab.

Everyone is expected to wear the following at all times while working in the lab:

  • Safety glasses
  • Long pants
  • Closed-toed shoes

Shirttails must be tucked in and long hair pulled back. When performing tasks, refrain from wearing rings, metal watches, and using cell phones.

Step 5: Clean your area when done.

Everyone must clean their area daily. This includes sweeping and removing leftover materials from the equipment and floor. Projects must be removed promptly after completion of tasks.

Important Notices

You are responsible for purchasing and delivering your materials.

If you have materials being delivered, please coordinate with management staff. If you need help with material decisions, don’t hesitate to email or ask a Ranch Hand when visiting the Fab Lab.