San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation Scholarship Honoring Brooks Martin, FAIA

Awarded to outstanding architecture students who demonstrate interest in historical architecture, preservation and adaptive reuse. Students must have completed at least three years of an undergraduate program or be enrolled in a graduate program in the Department of Architecture.

Students must submit a detailed proposal of study, outlining the topic of investigation and itinerary. Papers should address physical and cultural preservation and conservation needed to keep the history of Texas legible and intact to educate the public, especially the youth of today and tomorrow, with knowledge of our inherited regional values. The proposal should address the purpose, scope/description of the project, location, and a budget for materials or travel as necessary.

The recipient is required to provide a summary report of completed study program/project and support materials (a written report, sketchbook, or slide presentation) to the Department of Architecture and the San Antonio Conservation Society within three month following the travel or project competitive. The project is to be completed in the academic year of the award.

This is a competitive Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) scholarship available to eligible students at each of the accredited architecture schools in Texas. The scholarship requires the submission of a Department of Architecture scholarship application, a portfolio, and a proposal of study. The Department of Architecture nominates eligible applicants to be forwarded to the Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) for selection.

Established by the San Antonio Conservation Society to honor Brooks Martin, FAIA. The purpose of the San Antonio Society is to preserve and to encourage the preservation of historic buildings, objects, places and customs relating to the history of Texas, its natural beauty and all that is admirably distinctive to our State.