John Only Greer '55, FAIA and Wanda Knight Greer Architectural Endowment

Available to above-average performing architecture students who have completed at least two years in the Department of Architecture undergraduate program or students who have been accepted to or are in the Master of Architecture program. Recipients should understand, appreciate, and be competent in all the elements of the discipline of architecture in context, including practice in the business, legal, and political environment as attested by the faculty. Financial need or hardship may be considered as part of the criteria for the award, but need not be an overriding criteria.

This Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) scholarship is dedicated to Texas A&M University. The Department of Architecture nominates eligible applicants to be forwarded to the Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) for selection.

Endowed by John Only Greer and Wanda Knight Greer, for the benefit of the architecture program at Texas A&M University through student scholarships, student leadership fellowships and staff awards.