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ARCH department head earns honor for co-authoring book chronicling 2020 design studio

In an ambitious spring 2020 undergraduate University of Kentucky design studio led by Greg Luhan, now head of the Texas A&M Department of Architecture, who at the time was a UK faculty member, students traveled internationally to document and analyze architecture, landscapes, and interior spaces in historic and modern Eastern megacities. 

Luhan co-authored a book, “Global Studio: Shanghai – Louisville,” about the studio, in which UK students worked alongside design professionals and Chinese students. The book, which earned the 2023 Interior Design Educators Council Media Award, was co-authored by Rebekah Radtke, interim director of the UK’s School of Interiors.

“The book beautifully highlights international learning experiences for interior designers and architects,” noted the IDEC’s awards committee. “The experience of working with practitioners and Chinese students appears to have been rich and productive experiences. The graphic design and image quality are excellent.” 

In addition to the travel and professional interaction, the studio included public exhibitions of students’ work and a public lecture series featuring architects, designers, planners, preservationists, developers, and scholars that were chronicled in the award-winning publication.

Luhan and Radtke will receive the award at the IDEC’s 2023 conference March 10 in Vancouver.

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