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Leading healthcare facility designers share their wisdom in video series

Healthcare facility design has a major impact on everyone’s health care experience, from newborns to patients at every stage of life, as well as the practitioners who provide care.

For many years, leading healthcare facility designers, providers and administrators have shared their knowledge and experience with Texas A&M design students in the Architecture for Health Lecture Series, a long-running mainstay at the university’s School of Architecture.

Lectures taped by KAMU-TV since 2018 are now available for public viewing on the station’s website.

The lectures cover a very wide range of case studies from facilities throughout the world; their planning, design, construction, use and renovation.

The lecture series has been a major component of healthcare facility design education at Texas A&M since 2009. The university’s “Architecture for Health” programs first began in 1966.

As healthcare needs of all types will continue to rise throughout the world, the Texas A&M design faculty is sharing these lectures widely, as a public service to populations across the globe.


Providing continuous professional advice on lecture series themes, topics, and speakers and/or generous financial support have been Ronald Skaggs, chairman emeritus, HKS; Joseph Sprague, principal and senior vice president, HKS; George Mann, professor emeritus of architecture; Zhipeng Lu, associate director of the Center for Health Systems and Design, Ray Pentecost, lecture series coordinator and director of the Center for Health Systems and Design, Patrick Suermann, interim dean, Texas A&M School of Architecture, and Gregory Luhan, head of the Department of Architecture.

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